Gear Requirements for Survival Prepping

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If a doomsday scenario really plays out, there is much more you can do to prepare for yourself and your family than just buying silver. Prepping will vastly improve your chances of surviving a major disaster and it will give you peace of mind while everything is still okay at the moment.Β 

If you want to know where to begin your journey as a prepper, start by gathering the basics for survival. Continue reading for a list of gear requirements for survival prepping

Bug-Out Bag

This is the most basic requirement for the prepper. The bug-out bag is where you will store all the other supplies on this list for when you need to β€œbug-out” when shit hits the fan. At least three days worth of supplies should be kept in your bug-out bag. sure you have a bag for each member of the family

Weapon for Self-Defense

Have your gun, taser, knife, bow and arrow, or whatever else you want to defend yourself with in your bag or pocket at all times. A good handgun might be the most reliable, so invest in one and have plenty of extra ammunition with you.


This is also one of the most basic yet important items. Don’t be afraid to spend a lot on a high-quality LED flashlight for prepping. A good flashlight will help you light your way in the dark and are safer than candles. They can also help you identify danger and can be used in self-defense. For instance, id the light is low and you shine a flashlight in the eyes of the assailant, you will blind them and get the upper hand.Β 

Personal Water Filter

Wherever you go, it will be easier to find a potable source of water when you have your personal water filter like the famous LifeStraw. This handy water filtration system is lightweight and compact. It can even filter up to 264 gallons of water. Do the math and you will see that lasts quite a long time. At only 9″ long, it is a must-have for any prepper or outdoor enthusiast.


A tarp is another indispensable part of your prepper gear. It can be a poncho when it’s raining, a place to hide in, a ground cover, tent, protection for your gear, rain catcher, a stretcher, a hammock, and so many more! Make sure you have at least one in your prepper gear.

Fire Starter Flint

Wherever you go, you should always find a way to make fire. You might be thinking that a basic lighter is enough, but a lot of the people in the know will have a ferrocerium rod. Ferrocerium is a compound that helps produce a spark to create a flame. Most of these products are about six inches with a striker and their own mini-survival kit. Choose one that can handle up to 10,000 strikes.Β 

Goggles, Ear Plugs, N95 Masks

Protey all your orifices with these pieces of equipment. Earplugs are for protecting your ears from loud noises. Use goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris and dangerous chemicals. Use an N95 mask to protect against breathing in chemicals and biohazards. These items are best kept in your bag.


A premium quality multi-tool should fit perfectly in your pocket and do a bunch of functions whatever the circumstances are. Go with the very best, such as the SOG B61 EOD PowerLock Multi-Tool, and have a toolbox ready in your pocket.

First-Aid Kit

You will want to gather all your medical supplies and put them in one first-aid kit. Aside from the medicines and medical tools, make sure you have the skills to handle emergency situations.

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    Today, millions of Americans are living on food stamps and Uncle Sam’s charity.

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    Without them, this country will continue to turn more socialist with each passing year… No matter who is running the White House.

    Check out three old teachings that helped our forefathers thrive during dark times:

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