Getting Your Wild Turkey Hunting License

Venturing out without a hunting license is a big no. Aside from being unethical, there are corresponding fees when it comes to making this mistake. If you haven’t acquired your license in the state where you hunt, it’s best to stay at home.Β 

Wild turkey hunting is about pursuing the elusive species, making it among the most detail-oriented experiences you can have. Spring is the hottest season for hunting wild turkey, and now summer is right at the corner, it gives you the opportunity to prepare for the next hunting season in the fall by arranging the licenses.Β 

Hunters must possess the permit and their licenses at all times while hunting. Since wild turkey hunting licenses vary across different states, here is a list of some states with their hunting license regulations. Check out which one is most relevant to you.Β 


In the Pine Tree State, private landowners are eligible to hunt wild turkeys on their own lands even without the permit if the person owns the piece of land which is 25 or more contiguous acres in size, and is part of a turkey hunting zone; the person is domiciled permanently on the particular land; and it is managed for raising and selling dairy cattle and products; and the land is open to hunting including hunting by permission.Β 

Furthermore, any hunter pursuing a wild turkey should immediately and securely attach a visible tag bearing their full name, address, and license number. Wild turkey that is transported should also have a tag attached securely and must be accompanied by the person who has killed it.Β 

Among the prohibitions in the state include using dogs in any manner except during the fall season, using baits, and using traps designed to ensnare wild turkeys.


Fall turkey hunting application in Michigan is now open. In the Great Lakes State, these licenses are available initially through a drawing. Hunters may apply for a limited-quota license for a specific hunt unit, by paying a fee of $5. Successful applicants from the draw may then purchase the license. In Michigan, hunters are also required to have a base license, and those who did not make it through the draw may purchase leftover licenses in hunt units once they are available.Β 

The official website has also reminded hunters on reporting their activities after the season has ended. This is to help the state’s management to make sure that the decisions about the seasons are based on the information provided. Information is always kept confidential.Β 


The Hoosier State also has clear rules on acquiring these licenses. The valid hunting license and valid game bird habitat stamp privilege are required. For hunters who have lifetime comprehensive hunting, they may not need to have the game bird habitat stamp since it has been included with their license type.Β 

However, hunters may require a separate turkey hunting license if they’re bound to hunt during each hunting season, the spring and the fall. Special reserved turkey hunts are scheduled at selected wildlife areas, including Big Oaks and Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuges.Β 

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