Go Outdoors This Easter: Best Places To Visit In The U.S.

It’s almost Easter. A great way to savor all the pleasures of this holiday with the entire family is to hop on a plane and visit the most spectacular places perfect for outdoor adventures in the United States. Wake your kids up and surprise them with an outdoor getaway in any of these destinations. Happy Easter!

Big Sur, California

In here, the meet point of mountains and the sea are what will welcome you as you arrive. California’s Big Sur. This weekend at Easter, Big Sur will have a pleasant weather that is not too humid and not too cold, just right to lounge for a little while looking at the breathtaking surrounding of the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The area has state parks for outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing. Stop over at the Inn Restaurant near the Big Sur River for some Easter-inspired meal.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Arizona is world-renowned for its sceneries perfect for outdoor adventures, either for the laidback traveler or for the thrill-seeker. The Easter weekend in Flagstaff will bring you the backdrop of the hot desert, ponderosa pine tree-filled forests, and the hike trails around Humphreys Peak. For your gastronomic breaks, take a gander at restaurants in the area that include eateries that offer delicious brunches for the entire pack.

Galveston Island, Texas

Third, on the list is Texas’ Galveston Island. If you are in search for a more water-inspired getaway, the island features hiking trails and bird watching right with the serene waters around you. This Easter, visitors can check out amusement park attractions like an aquarium and take photos of the Easter bunny. Stop over and satisfy your cravings with a buffet meal offered around the island. It is both an outdoor and gastro-filled experience.

Amherst, Massachusetts

Another great option for the weekend in Amherst, Massachusetts, best known as a promising place that is recommended when you want to raise outdoor-loving kids. The area is nearby Vermont mountains and those in New Hampshire since the road trail is accessible from Amherst. There are also lakes and rivers for watersports adventures and during the winter, you can try cross-country skiing at Mount Tom. Slow down and walk the villages and towns in the area as well.

Missoula, Montana

Missoula is the state’s largest city and provides a backdrop of five different mountain ranges. Immerse your children into the wilderness and also inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle. There are bike trails and recreation areas for Easter activities with the entire family.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Want to spend a romantic Easter weekend? Have a visit at Honolulu, an incredible place for beaches – the dramatic Waikiki Beach and the splendor of Makapuu Point. Before heading for the wilderness adventure in Oahu, take a moment to attend the sunrise Easter service at the beach and immerse into a food adventure with breakfast buffets and mimosas. It will prepare your well-being for a day filled with Easter-inspired outdoor activities.

One day is never enough with all of the places you’ve come to know of today. If the Easter festivities are done, don’t worry because you can always set a schedule another day and invite your whole family over for this outdoor escape. For more of these tips, follow Primitive Survivors on social media.

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