Going Fishing This Easter

During the Easter feast, families are one in together to think of a perfect getaway that will provide them the time to bond with each other. As you may very well know, Easter could be the only time where children are not plagued with homework and since this is considered their holiday.

Most people would go to fancy places to participate in organized Easter events. However, one of the most thrilling ways to actually make this year’s Easter a memorable one is to take your family to fish. With the presence of children, they could also learn a lot.

Review, Review, Review

Despite the occasion — eggs, bunnies, and colorful decor — you can always get the general tips you have previously learned about fishing and apply it here. For example, before going to the fishing destination, be sure that you have the tackle, net, and landing mat that you need. Then, prepare the baits for catching fish of all sizes. Having a collection of these is recommended since you may encounter various kinds of species once you are in the area.

Make it good on being able to spot where the fish are or where they can hide. Keep your senses open for these signs and notice fish that swim to the surface. Some of the most common signs include stirred up mud from down below or bubbles forming.

Prepare For A Busy Weekend

Going for fishing during the Easter weekend will let you be in places that are more crowded and with more people than before. Prepare your back-up plans should you need to transfer to another location. Do not sacrifice the fun moments that you will have with your family on this great day. Weigh your options for fishing.

What you can do is to contact the administration office of the area where you’ll be fishing and ask about the situation. Plus, you also need to check if you have the right permits and licenses before you head out. And, always bring the right gear and ensure that they are in the best conditions.

Important Guidelines

  • Check possession limits and sizes, and one of the most effective measures is to download fishing apps. There are apps that will also provide information on species and how to identify the catch.
  • It is suggested to use a rule with an end stop in order to measure fish length. For crabs, use a crab gauge.
  • Once you have the fish hooked, avoid having it on the line for a long period of time. This is to avoid the fish from getting exhausted quickly if necessary to be released.
  • Check gear restrictions and regulations in the places where you’ll visit this Easter.
  • You will be fishing with other people so make sure that you get organized when keeping and doing an inventory of your fishing equipment after the outdoor activity.

With these tips, you can be able to have fun in Easter while out there in the open waters. For more information about fishing and for the latest tips, keep yourself tuned in on the Primitive Survivors website.

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