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Gun Laws Expected To Become Stricter In 2019

California, a state with one of the strictest and harshest gun laws in the country, will be adding even more restrictions to its currently implemented gun laws.

Beginning on the 1st of January, any individual convicted with a domestic violence misdemeanor or has been admitted to a mental health facility more than once in a year will be prevented from purchasingΒ and possessing any kind of firearm for theΒ rest of their lives.

The legal age for rifle or shotgun purchases will beΒ shot up to 21, with the exception of members of the law enforcement, military, and anyone who has a valid and current hunting license.

In Missouri, a pre-filed bill that allows police to confiscate guns based solely on accusations by a relative or other form of relation is in the works. Dubbed “Red Flag Law” in states where it is already implemented, it’s aimed to prevent any person who poses a risk to society or themselves from ever becoming one, through the forfeiture of their gun ownership.

The individual would be given fourteen days to appear before a judge and provide evidence that he or she is of sound mind β€” and if proven as someone who is not a threat to himself or others, will be given his guns back. If not, he needs to wait for a year to get his guns back.

Senator Jill Schupp, a Democrat, was the one who pre-filed the legislation. He and his other Democratic colleagues believe that this is a huge step to preventing suicide attempts and any form of gun violence. Another facet of the bill is to require gun owners to have safe storage for their firearms, and making sure they do not get in the hands of anyone who shouldn’t.

“This bill is to be able to raise our hand and say that I think my brother, my sister might be a harm to themselves or others. And we would like for a short time period to be able to remove their guns,”

said Democrat state representative Deb Lavender, District 90 in Kirkwood.

Legal gun owners are worried that this new law prevents the proper implementation of due process β€” creating a general assumption that an individual is guilty without any evidence besides accusations and suspicion.

Illinois, on the other hand, will implement aΒ 72-hour waiting period on ALL firearms starting the 1st of January. The current waiting period exemption forΒ non-Illinois locals purchasing guns from anΒ Illinois gun show has also been rendered null and void.

The Red Flag Law will also be implemented, allowing officials and family to file a restraining order against anyone they deemΒ dangerous.

Citizens are concerned that there really is no specific definitions for what qualifies asΒ dangerous.Β Adams County States Attorney Gary Farha has stated that it’s up to the judge to decide on the matter.

“It creates complications. No such thing as certainty. I’m not sure if we want that. How do we define someone who is trouble? I think it’s best we trust a judge for his or her discretion on the case.”

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