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Gun Purchases Becoming Unrealistic? Build A Ghost AR-15

California, a state with one of the strictest gun laws in the nation, gave birth to a new movement in the firearms industry: the Ghost Gun. This movement has started to spread like wildfire (sorry, California) to other parts of the country, and has gained a massive following in states suffering from the same atrocious gun laws as California’s.

Built like Lego in homes and multiple gun workshops, the appeal is apparent. Parts can be ordered through the mail, and drilling machines don’t necessarily need to be complex. 3D printing and milling technology has made it easier to make your own gun. No serial numbers, no mark of origin, untraceable.

The government requires licensed gun manufacturers to engrave their logo and a unique serial number on a weapon’s lower receiver. The lower receiver is the hollow metal frame that makes a gunΒ a gun, and its distribution gets recorded in the company records. The distributor and gun dealer also record the possession of each firearm, up until the release of the gun to a buyer.Β This documentation is how law enforcement tracks the owner of any gun left in a crime scene.

Starting With The Key Component: The Lower Receiver

The lower receiver is the part that makes the difference when buildingΒ an untraceable gun. Getting one without any markings from a licensed manufacturer is simple: Purchase an Unfinished Lower Receivers online.

Unfinished Lower Receivers, or ULR, can be sold legally on its own since it essentially is not yet considered a firearm. Some people in the gun industry consider it as 80% complete, but the rule is nullified by the premise that it’s not a gun until it’s finished. It’s not a gun! Yet.

Machining the lower receiver is simple, as long you have a drill press to machine the aluminum. In fact, a power drill is more than sufficient. After the machining is done, the other parts are ready for installation β€” the barrel,Β trigger mechanism, upper receiver, rail, and stock can all be purchased online. Assemble all the components and you’ll have yourself a fully functioning rifle.

If you have the requisite machinery for the job, you can mill your own lower receiver from scratch. All you need is aluminum or titanium, and a blueprint for each part. Blueprints for different rifle parts are available online, not just for the lower receiver.Β Computer Numeric Control or CNC machines can machine any part for you without any manual labor. All you need is the software, and grab a cold one while the machine does all the work.

This is ALL perfectly legal, and theΒ do-it-yourself charm of it all makes up for a satisfying feeling once you’re done building.

When Is It Illegal?

Ghost guns only become illegal if they are manufactured to sell. In fact, a black market for untraceable guns has merged of late β€” full-auto untraceable machine guns are already in underground circulation since there is no other legal way of getting one for a civilian. Convicted individuals are also prohibited from owning ghost guns.

Everything in life has a dark side, and this would be it. Ghost guns subvert and void any form of gun control being implemented in the country. Liberals think that getting a gun without a permit or background check is difficult. It’s not. People can make their own guns, or buy them from someone who knows how to make guns.

The only lives Democrats turn into hell with all these anti-gun rhetoric they spew out is law-abiding gun buyers and owners. Do they really want gun owners to turn desperate?

In a nutshell, YES. You are more than capable of building your own gun. Yes, it’s a way to maintain our way of life without going through the loops and holes Liberals throw at us. But at the end of the day, let’s keep it legal. Don’t sell your ghost guns. They’re your babies, your creation, the only one of its kind. Remember: That gun you built has nothing like it anywhere. Nothing.

If you want to give ghost gun building a go, you can go to the links I included below. A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Enjoy.

Parts Checklist:

Step-By-Step Videos Of AR Assembly:

Lower Receiver Blueprint:

CNC Gun Machining Software Downloads:

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