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Gun Safety: Keeping Firearms Away From Children

According to a BBC report, 2018 is considered as the β€œworst year for US school shootings.” There was one incident in a Maryland high school when a 17-year-old teenager shot and injured two students before putting an end to his own life. Data have also shown that perpetrators are usually around that age, on average at 16 or 17 years old.

School shootings in the U.S. involve teenagers and innocent victims, as young as 12 years old. How safe are your children around guns and firearms? Here are some tips on how you can protect your beloved young ones while still being able to keep your guns well.

Effective Strategies

Do you own a gun at home? It is important to carry out these pointers to keep not only your children but everyone you are staying within your residential space.

  1. Make sure that the gun is unloaded and locked up in a safe. This may be a cabinet, storage container, or gun vault.
  2. Separate the bullets and lock them in another area from the gun.
  3. Keep the keys secured and away from your children.

The Importance Of Proper Storage Of Guns

It is natural for a child to be curious and the last thing you want to happen is to have them find your firearm and explore it. Time will come when they will be taught on how to use it but for as long as they are little, it is important to practice necessary caution.

Furthermore, gun safety is a serious point of concern and these little ones may not be able to understand this as of today. They may accidentally hurt themselves if they come across with a firearm you have.

How about teenagers? Once toddlers grow older, they may have more curiosity about these guns as they see in the media that they are exposed to but they can also be more vulnerable. In these phases, they are prone to experiencing emotional distress and might mistakenly use the gun against them. Adult supervision is still important and storing guns in a proper place should be enacted.

Keep these guns locked and away from individuals at home who have suicidal tendencies or forms of depression.

Current Campaigns

Today, there are various campaigns from organizations that advocate gun safety in the country. One of these is Project ChildSafe, a program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation that is committed to promoting safety through education and distribution of free firearm safety kits to different communities. Each kit includes a cable-style device for locking guns and a brochure presented in multi-languages discussing safe handling and storage tips for individuals.

β€œThrough vital partnerships with elected officials, community leaders, state agencies, businesses, the firearms industry, and other stakeholders, Project ChildSafe has helped raise awareness about the safe and responsible ownership of firearms and the importance of storing firearms securely when not in use to help prevent accidents, theft and misuse,” its official website says.

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