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Take a minute and think about the amount of times you’ve seen an advertisement for tactical firearms and the many accessories that come with them. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the gun industry is pushing concealed carry pistols and AR variants right now. Make no mistake, there is nothing wrong with purchasing or promoting tactical firearms for use in self-defense or a SHTF situation. But the average man looking to survive and provide for his family on a modern homestead or in a worst-case-scenario will need to possess firearms that are capable of putting food on the table. Here are our top picks for food-getting guns. Ensuring that these tools are in your survival battery will keep you and yours well fed.

Remington 870 Express

An American classic and legitimate workhorse, the Remington 870 Express is an all-around hunting tool. Sporting a 28-inch barrel and capable of shooting both 2 ΒΎ and 3-inch shells, the 870 Express is a time-tested shotgun that can stand up to any weather condition and will deliver shot on target in any environment. Hunters can use the 870 Express for everything from rabbits and squirrels to ducks and geese. You can also load it with slugs for an up-close and personal encounter with larger game such as deer. If you can only afford a single gun to feed the family with, this is the one to go with. It’s not too hard on the pocketbook either, as these are easily purchased for under 400 bucks, and even cheaper if you go the used route.

Ruger Mark III Hunter

Whether hunting in deep woods on your own property or scavenging a suburban wasteland for anything made of meat, you can’t go wrong with a 22 pistol. The Ruger Mark III Hunter provides the versatility of the 22LR cartridge in an easily transportable platform. While 22LR rifles such as the Ruger 10/22 are an excellent choice in terms of a weapon that can be used effectively to gather small game, holstering a 22LR pistol and carrying a long gun in larger caliber (like the aforementioned) 870 Express, gives a hunter a wide range of options when on the prowl. This gun is also extremely accurate, even more so than Ruger’s other Mark III variants, as a result of its 6.88-inch fluted bull barrel. With an 11-round capacity and a quiet report, the Mark III is an invaluable tool for the opportunistic hunter or diehard survivalist.

Note: Ruger has recently released its MarkIV Hunter, which is basically the same gun with the exception of its one-button take-down feature. While that feature sure is pretty great, the newer model is more expensive, making the Mark III our preferred pick for the budget savvy hunter/prepper. Β 

Ruger American 30-06

A bolt-action, game-getter with plenty of punch to take down large animals from long distances, the Ruger American chambered in 30-06 Springfield is our top choice for a centerfire rifle that will put food on the table. Not only is this gun incredibly accurate and dependable, it is also lightweight. Coming in at a modest 6.2 pounds, this is a great rifle for hunters who put miles on their boots in search of big game. The Ruger American is also very affordable. Base models go for around $399.00, which is an absolute steal for the quality of rifle you are getting. If you’re looking for an accurate rifle that is durable, easy on the wallet and able to take down everything from deer and elk to bear, this is the one.

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  • Nott bad but I also recommend having a black powder rifle and shotgun as it is very easy to make your own high quality powder with a little practice and cast your own bullets as well. My BP rifle is a double barrel so they is no reason two relaod if I need a second shot and I can interchange shotgun barrels to the same stock and it all packs into one carrier. If you can only afford to either or go BP for the above reasons.

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