Helpful Tips for First-Time Campers

You’ve heard your oldies talk about their camping adventures during a visit. You listen to their stories of admiring the sky at night while communing with nature outdoors. They continued in remembering the scents of flowers in the wild, the grass and weird noises in the woods that’s awe-inspiring. And because of this, you became interested in trying it for yourself. Not bad, but before you take the plunge into making your first camping experience read our helpful tips for first-time campers like you.

First-time camper’s survival tips

Anything that you’ve never tried before excites you and makes you nervous. We understand the reason we are giving away our free tips for your first-time camping.

Tip 1 Don’t tie your tent near a tree

We know the temptation of connecting with nature with the sun rays penetrating your body while your tent is near a tree. Avoid this mistake because during the night all the dews and tree saps will be accumulated to your tent and this turns out to be a messy one for you once you got home. So put your tent away from a tree for a messy free first-time camping.

Tip 2 Instant noodles are not your only food choice

For first-timers like you, you think that camping you need to trade your favorite foods in favor of noodles for fear of spoilage. This is not right, because you need healthy food on your camping. You can prepare your foods or pre-cooked them at home like stir-fried vegetables and put them in freezer storage. Just heat water then pour out to your precooked stir-fried vegetables for your meal. Just remember to keep less sauce in your pre-cooked foods to avoid spoilage. You can choose also to opt for precooked grilled meat or fish. You can have your menu planning for the days you’ll spend in the woods.

Enjoying your favorite meal while gazing at the stars at night is just awesome!

Tip 3 Don’t forget your sleeping bag

Camping outdoors does not mean that you need to sacrifice the quality of your sleep. Or spend your first night in a cold temperature chilling all throughout the night. This is not enjoyment or adventure, right? So don’t forget your sleeping bag to keep you insulated. Your first night sleepover in the woods should be the same at home, if not better.

Tip 4 Test your camping gears

The common mistake of first-time campers is that of being confident that all their gears are in a working condition after they borrowed or purchase them in the shop. Test all your camping gear before the date of your camping. This is to check which gears needed replacement and all parts are complete.Β 

Tip 5 Enjoy nature

Some first-timers fail to enjoy nature because of their fear of the unknown in the woods. When you’re at your campsite just enjoy the noise and scents of nature. It’s your purpose for your courage to camp to experience nature. Commune with nature and discover something about you. Take the opportunity to reflect on your being and direction in life. Some first-time campers became nature lovers and environmentalists because they are able to enjoy nature at its best while camping.

Tip 6 Record your experience

Take with you your mobile phone or journal to record and document your first-time camping. This experience is the thing you would want to come back years from now. Talk about the feelings and adventure you have and during hiking, the scenery you saw. It’s always nice to go back to your first encounters, right? This holds true with your first camping.

Enjoy your camping experience

We have given you some key points for you to enjoy your first time camping. Have a prepper mind and at the same time courage for new adventures.

Make sure to regularly visit us for more camping tips.


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