Here’s How Technology Can Save Your Life In The Wild

They say that doing the primitive way is fun but it’s more awesome if you can use technology for your advantage and save your life in the wild. There are many technologies available now for your survival in the woods. You need the basic necessities to survive in the woods like food, shelter and fire. But when you’re in a matter of life and death situation in the woods you can lean on technology to help you bug out and take a GOOD of your situation. In this post, we will give you some of the helpful survival technologies you can use in the woods.

Lifesaving technologies you should bring on the woods

  • GPS

GPS or global positioning system is very helpful in navigation and pinpointing your exact location if you get lost from your hiking activity. The system is composed of a satellite which is located in space, monitoring systems on Earth and receivers which is the one you can bring in your camping. GPS will work in any weather, at day time and during the night as well as you can have access worldwide.

Awesome stuff right?

Your GPS receiver will provide you with your latitude, longitude, altitude, and your current time. On air, land and water it will work. Actually, GPS is a tool being used by rescuers in lifesaving missions because it can give the exact location and time of targets. Β A GPS can save your life if you got lost in the woods. It has added and important feature like a topographic map that will tell you your location.

  • Β Β Canister stoves

Surviving in the woods you need clean water and food and a canister stove will just be fine in heating your water to kill bacteria as well as cooking your food. Β A canister stove is a mix of propane and butane gas. It is lightweight and is a one-time use only. The limitation of canister stoves is that for freezing temperatures they don’t heat up easily and will take some time.

  • Β Technical clothes

In both extreme weather and temperature conditions your daily clothing cannot stand it. Either you’ll get wet or perspire which is bad for your survival in the woods. As you need to keep your energy and regulate your body temperature in order to survive. The technical clothes that you can purchase from your outdoor gear shop will keep you warm during freezing temperatures and cold during hot temperatures. It will help you survive in the woods for days because it will also serve as your protection from bites, scratches and attacks from wild animals. The materials in your technical clothes are made by scientists and some are a byproduct of space clothing.

Sounds great, right?

  • Solar charger

Your GPS and mobile phone has a limited battery and soon they will run out of energy and they will become useless to you. You need a solar charger in order to recharge them and use them for your survival. Your solar charger gets its energy from the sun so you can use it 24/7 for your gadgets. It has internal rechargeable batteries which you can transfer its stored energy to your use for your GPS, mobile phone and other electronic gadgets. Your solar charger has the same energy rate as conventional chargers plugged into an electrical outlet. This is just cool for survival in the woods.

  • Β Β Filtration straw

This is used for purifying the water that you’ll drink so that you are assured that it’s free from bacteria and other harmful materials. Some filtration straw can filter up 1000 liters of water and is lightweight with no need for batteries to operate.

  • Tactical headlamp

You need this in order to pinpoint locations and navigate in the woods. It is waterproof and you can use it during foggy days because of its light beam. When you’re lost you can use it to signal other people your exact location and seek help from them.

Survival technology is our privilege

We already gave you some technologies you can use for your survival in the woods. Our generation is privileged enough for this technology that our forefathers were not able to have in their camping days. Just remember to bug out when your location is dangerous no matter advance your technology is.

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