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Here’s Why You Should Own a Cabin in the Woods

Being tired of city life and bored of the everyday grind are not the only reasons why you should start getting your own property in the woods. Having your own cabin will not only be useful for vacations with family and friends, but it is also a long-term investment because of how affordable and sustainable it is!

The log cabin is one of the most quintessentially American home styles that has been since the first settlers started constructing colonies. Decades later, builders have improved on the cabin to achieve ones that look modern and inhabitable.Β 

Make sure you do some discerning and planning before getting your own cabin in the woods. You should also be familiar with the local laws and processes for getting permits before building your own little haven. To get you more convinced, here are a few reasons you should start investing in this life-changing experience of owning a cabin in the woods.

It Enhances Your Creativity

Building your on backwoods cabin will give you so many opportunities to experiment with new things, from painting pieces of wood to make sheds, and even the games you’ll play with your family and friends in it once it’s finished!Β 

You’ll have plenty of time to broaden your mind and free your spirit without too many restrictions especially because building a cabin is so affordable! This property is so easy to acquire unlike other houses because it requires only a few materials and processes like harvesting wood instead of manufacturing tools and supplies!

Decorating your cabin is also simpler than furnishing the normal home since space already has a character in itself from the woods which you built it with. Think of a single theme for the house, especially ones like nature or camping which complement the wooden elements. You can also make it stand out with a rustic kitchen table, chairs, and other pieces of furniture.Β 

You can also consider a plush, cozy sofa for the living room and outdoor furniture! Your log cabin is in the middle of beautiful scenery, so take advantage of that to enjoy your home to the fullest potential. It can be as simple as a rocking chair or a hammock!

An Amazing Bonding Experience

Bonding moments with your family, friends, or significant other doesn’t always have to be about going to parties, traveling, or anything extravagant. It’s all about exchanging memorable experiences, just like staying for days in the woods to build your own cabin!

Building a cabin from scratch with the people who are dear to you will be a life-changing bonding experience, and it can even be more fun when it’s done since you finally have a vacation house you can stay in during the holidays and summer!

You can also consider other people making your cabin a place for bonding together. Rent it out on VRBO or Airbnb so you can also offset property tax or mortgage payments! Before doing this, read up on the regulations in your town first and don’t forget to devise a check-in/check-out/cleaning/maintenance plan. Cabin concierge and vacation rental management services can take over the process unless you live nearby and are willing to do the laundry!

Improves Your Health

Being in the woods for a few days can have a really huge impact on your overall health and well-being! Imagine waking up to clean and fresh air instead of pollution from the city. It will help you do a lot of physical work and even sleep better.Β 

All this is great for your mind and body since you’re de-stressing and taking a break from work and responsibilities. Rather than watching television to while away the time, you’re reading or exploring the great outdoors which your soul will also thank you for!Β 

Moreover, logs are natural materials that do not have negative impacts on your health and the environment. Try constructing a good-looking cabin in your garden made from recyclable natural materials that make a much healthier interior living climate free from illness such as asthma and other allergies. Also, remember to pick an area to build a cabin where it is safe and secure!

More Sustainable

Trees are renewable resources and that means log cabin homes come with a huge solid advantage as they are recyclable and more sustainable. Hence, it means that when such materials are reused, they not only reduce wastage, but the nature of owning a beautiful log cabin home becomes all more natural.

Aside from that, the consumption of energy in log homes are very much lower since they do not require extreme heating, consequently saving you some money. The logs which you can use for the building have a low thermal mass, which gives them the ability to absorb and store heat energy. Therefore, they act as insulators for the log cabin homes.Β 

Long-Term Investment

When you properly maintain your property, the long-term investment becomes worth it. This means that you will have the opportunity to visit it often, spend weekends in your self-built home, and have a cool place for you and your friends to have fun with!Β 

For more enjoyable experiences, you can upgrade it or at least keep up with the repairs. Weather, nature, and some guests can leave your cabin a little messier or even destroyed. Try connecting with a reputable contractor in your area every year for inspections and for issues that need addressing. Always allot a budget for these things to keep your homestead dry and secure.

Get A Cabin Now!

The log cabin life may seem like that in a normal home, but imagine the traditional surroundings and tranquil location that only makes everything more special and memorable! It doesn’t matter if you’ll build it on your own or just moving into an already standing home since you’ll be happy anyway to find yourself in the heart of the great outdoors!

Those were just five of the many reasons you should get a cabin in the woods and we’re sure these could never completely encompass the years of enjoyment you’ll get from the property!


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