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How Effective Are Medicinal Plants and Should You Start Growing Them?

Even with the technology that we have now many people still go to medicinal plants for their healing. The advancement of the pharmaceutical industry did not take away the effectiveness of medicinal plants. Before we discovered the use of pills and syrups, our ancestors used medicinal plants. They use the different parts of plants and extract juices from them for the treatment of diseases. You can take a look into historical records, and it will give you pieces of evidence from the Native Americans, Indians, Chinese and Druids they all made use of medicinal plants.

Many studies are now exploring the effectiveness of using medicinal plants to treat diseases. An example of this is cannabis. Cannabis is known to treat depression, palpitations, and some diseases of the nervous system. Other medicinal plants like mangosteen are being studied for possible treatment of cancer. Chamomile is also known to ease depression, anxiety, and give a dose of relaxation to patients. We can mention a lot of medicinal plants here since our planet hosts many of their kind.

How Effective Are Medicinal Plants?

The effectivity of medicinal plants depends on the following:

  • Β Kinds of medicinal plant

The classification of a medicinal plant is essential in its effectivity. If the medicinal plant that you’ll be using has already been subjected to research, you have the assurance that it is effective. If little research has been done with its application, but it is being used by a lot of people, and many would tell stories of healing, take extra caution on its effectiveness.

The key here is not to trust a lot on testimonies but conducted studies of the medicinal plant.

  • Dosage

Be sure to follow the recommended dosage of your medicinal plants. Remember that like conventional medicine, it poses risks and dangers once overdose happens. Consult your herbalist and health professionals to be sure about your dosage.

A proper dosage will harness the potency of your medicinal plant.

  • Contraindications

Talk to your herbalist and primary care physician if you’re taking other medications so that you’re assured that your medicinal plant will complement your medicine. The key here is that, both your medicinal plant must work with your conventional medicine. In this way, you’re provided holistic healing. If they will be contraindications better decide which therapy are you comfortable with.

Awesome Reasons to Grow Your Medicinal Plants to Your Garden

Your orchids are good in your garden both for aesthetics and relaxation but it will be just great if you include medicinal plants. Below are some reasons you should start growing medicinal plants now:

  • Β Pharmacy in your garden

Yes, you don’t need to be wealthy to provide yourself and your family basic medicine. By growing medicinal plants in your garden, you’ll have a ready natural pharmacy. It’s your choice on what kinds of medicinal plants you’ll grow.Β 

Just tips from us, grow those medicinal plants that you need on your health conditions. Add some medicinal plants that treat common diseases like flu and colds as well as used in wound treatment.

Be sure to learn techniques for the preparation of your medicinal plants.

  • Easy preparation

Your medicinal plant can be used fresh, or you can boil them and drink the water you boiled it with. Medicinal plants can also be prepared by crushing the stem or leaves and put them on the areas you needed to be treated.

  • First aid

It is not every time you have basic conventional medicine in your keeping. In cases of emergencies like wounds or scratches, you can use your medicinal plants. Having a first aid treatment will save you costs for possible infections of injuries if you waited it to be treated in a hospital. An open wound untreated invites hosts of bacteria.

  • Β Survival

In times of disasters and emergencies, you can store your medicinal plants and preserve them for future applications. Your medicinal plants can ensure your survival if these situations happen.

Growing Is Caring

Yes, growing your medicinal plants is not only limited to you and your family use. During a crisis, your community can also benefit from your medicinal plants in your garden. We have already explained to you the effectivity and gave you some reasons for you to grow your medicinal plants.

It’s time you start looking differently at your garden and include medicinal plants.

Start growing medicinal plants NOW.

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