How Many Firearms do You Need?

Some people believe that the more firearms they have, the less reloading they would have to do, and the greater the chance to survive an SHTF scenario. Does this really work in reality? The truth is, this only works if all of the firearms you have are all chambered for the same rounds, you have a person behind each weapon, and they are all lined up as the firefight starts.

Others, on the other hand, believe that one is enough to protect the family. As long as the shooter is skilled and there is enough ammunition, then you’ll do great in protecting yourself.

Read on as we discuss the best SHTF guns to have and if one firearm is really enough for such a situation!


First, you need guns that all members of the family, both beginners and experts, can use. Remember that others may not be able to effectively use heavy caliber handguns especially revolvers because the trigger pull may be too heavy for example.


You have the option of getting an automatic or pump action. However, those who are new to shotguns may find an automatic more reliable despite the disadvantages. The cycling of an automatic relies on the propellant’s load in the shell and there must be enough energy generated by the load to cycle the weapon to chamber a shell. Short strokes that jam the weapon can be a result of light loads.Β 


A pump-action with a smooth bore is very typical and you can fire practically any shell with any load, and you can send virtually any projectile downrange that would fit in the shell.


We recommend handguns like revolvers or semi-automatics. One for each member is the ideal number of handguns in the house, and they can carry it or conceal it on their body anytime. The effective range of a handgun makes it suitable for close-quarters combat. Handguns would be used once an aggressor is inside the perimeter of the home or in certain ambush situations.


The AR-15 has what a shotgun doesn’t. Its range is between 400-600 meters, but keep in mind that the effective range is what you can realistically hit a target at, and not the maximum range. Remember you will not be the only one firing the weapon so prepare and set your range cards/fields of fire appropriately. In other words, set ranges according to the lowest skill level in your group and position shooters accordingly

For hunting, a .30-06 is the best selection. Remember your firearms are not just for personal/home defense. You need a weapon suited for hunting large game and for protection from large four-legged predators as well.

How Many Guns You Need

You may be thinking that if one firearm malfunctions, then it is important to have another one. This is certainly true, but if an asteroid hits the Earth, would 3 AR-15s really be helpful? You can have a dozen firearms in your house, but you might not know where you should store each of them for emergencies. You can have as many guns as you want but you might be too broke for ammunition.

Use some common sense and do not try to rationalize stockpiling weapons. Yes, you need them, but you have to focus on the real question: what type should you buy? Who are the responsible shooters in your family/group? If you are only concerned with arming yourself, you have only the two arms of course, and barring you want or require a secondary firearm you nominally only need one gun.

The Best Gun to Use

If you’ve decided to have only one gun for yourself, then you might be asking which type you need. The honest answer is, the single best gun to have in an SHTF scenario is the gun that you are most comfortable and comfortable with. That’s it. It’s really that simple.

In conclusion, as part of your preparations for survival events, it will be necessary to have only one gun per responsible shooter in the house. Think about the possible circumstances, and think about which one you’d be most comfortable to use in such a situation. Is it a shotgun? A handgun? Or a rifle?

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