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How Technology Can Help You Survive Outdoors

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Every year, in the United States, about 150 people die while out in national parks, and more than 1,000 die in hunting-related incidents. Thousands also have trouble in the backcountry, requiring a search and rescue team to save them, while dozens die waiting for their arrival. The best way to avoid these events when you’re outdoors is to make sure you have high-quality and innovative survival gear with you.Β 

While creating your own water purification system or shelter can be a great skill, we can’t deny that technology can make our survival situations much easier in the wilderness. It makes food preparation, drinking water, and staying warm more convenient! Here are some ways how technology can help us survive outdoors!

Technology can provide light without the need to start a fire

High-quality flashlights or lanterns can guide your way when backpacking at night. Most flashlights can also serve as emergency beacons and have different brightness levels which you can choose from, depending on your need. They can stay on for several hours and are compact and lightweight. High-tech ones are also waterproof, making them essential when you’re camping in the rain!Β 

Technology gives you access to clean water

Without technology, you still need to create your own water purification system with different types of rocks and a container to filter out the dirt in any water you gather. But with life straws, you can drink directly from puddles or streams without the risks normally associated! This ingenious invention uses aΒ  microbiological purification filter, and comes at a more than reasonable price as well, so it’s accessible not just for the hardcore camper but for everyone who wants it.

Technology makes food preparation in the wild easier

You don’t need to start a fire when cooking your camping meal because camp stoves help you stay satiated without the need for extra preparations! Believe it or not, some camp stoves even serve as a charger for your phone and other gadgets. All you have to do is burn a few fuel to recharge your phone and stay connected with your loved ones in a survival situation.

Technology Helps You Pack Light

Most survival gadgets are multi-purpose. As previously mentioned, there are camp stoves that also serve as chargers and flashlights that have emergency beacons. Technology also made it possible to create multi-tools that already include hatchets, hammers, screwdrivers, and knives in one light tool.Β 

Modern times have also made men invent wilderness survival tools that are super lightweight and compact. For instance, did you know that chainsaws can be pocket-sized? They cut both ways as you saw and they are also self-cleaning. Such self-defense and bushcraft gear also have comfortable handles and makes cutting easier, saving your precious energy.Β 

Paracords don’t need to fill up space in your backpack because they can also be bracelets. Paracord bracelets are lightweight, versatile, adjustable, convenient, and provide a lot of methods for you to use when in a difficult situation outdoors!

Technology gives you comfort in survival situations

With innovations like survival blankets and high-tech outerwears, outdoor survivalists can avoid the risk of frostbites, shocks, or hypothermia. These pieces of equipment are commonly water-resistant tear-proof, comfortable to wear, and can retain most of your body heat because of the premium materials they are made of.Β Β 

Technology helps you ask for rescue

Let’s face it, no matter how compact and functional they are, smartphones are unreliable when you’re in the wild because of the low reception. Not to mention, they go low-bat easily. Satellite communicators help you send an SOS message that will transmit from anywhere in the world. whether you’re lost in the wild, ran out of food, or are trying to escape, they got you covered!

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