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How to Block Glare While Shooting

Every hunter and shooter doesn’t like looking straight to the sun because it puts their prey or target to an advantage. Instead, we want it to be them who squint when they look into your direction. But what do we do when the sun isn’t participating? How do you completely eliminate the glare? This becomes more infuriating when you want to shoot already but the target is moving.

Continue reading as we share with you some effective ways to take the glare out of the situation!

Terrain and Vegetation

As with taking pictures, it’s always a great idea to lay in shadows to take your shot when hunting or shooting. Notice how every frame of your photos come back with a glare or blurred image when you don’t step in shadows. When you’re in the terrain or vegetation, your position also becomes difficult for the target to be found.Β 

We often forget how important shadows are. When setting up a sniper position, you can also use a semi loophole, shooting close by a tree from a defilade position. This would be helpful with screwing up the enemy’s depth perception, shadowing, camouflages muzzle flash, and it even helps to bounce your sound erratically around the battlefield, which can confuse the enemy

Get a Friend

It’s always ideal to have someone, a non-shooter, to shade the objective lens and your eyes. This will help you stop squinting and will make seeing the target a little easier. If you’re in a tactical environment, be more careful with the amount of movement. Of course, animals run away, but bad guys shoot back.

Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses are usually overlooked by many when it comes to shooting or hunting, but they are just as extremely important as other protective gear. When selecting one that is good at blocking glare, go for gray or gray-green so that they won’t hinder your overall protection. Meanwhile, yellow and orange lenses give a more detailed line of vision, and amber works well on cloudy days. The right pair will produce a great contrast when you are target shooting.Β 

Aside from helping you see better when shooting, shooting glasses also add protection to your eyes from the environment. When in a thickly wooded area, stray bunches, twigs, and leaves can also damage your eyes. Moreover, excessive powder can block back and burn your eyes.

A good pair of glasses can also work well in other situations, like bow fishing and more! You will also see through car windows more conveniently with great glasses. If you’re in law enforcement, this includes fighting the glare you see if you have to look through your sights at the front windshield of a suspect’s vehicle. Polarized lenses also help with observation through house windows

Cover Your Objective Lens

Another effective tip to eliminate glare is to cover your objective lens partially. You would surely be surprised at how only a small part of the lens has to be exposed without anything getting in your way. Many snipers have cut a slit in their scope cover to have the ease of seeing while eliminating a reflection of the lens that could be observed by enemy spotters. Make the cut irregular if you are a sniper to help hide your position.Β 

Hat Bill

It’s very practical to wear a cap or hat when you’re out target shooting or hunting. They can keep the wind and rain out of your eyes and can also be used to shade the objective lens when shooting or spotting game.

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