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Build a Survival Battery on $1,400

In a world where people debate whether or not it is ethical to keep a gun in your home, the idea of owning several firearms for different purposes can be frowned upon. But when it comes time for action, social niceties and contemporary politics won’t protect a person from violence. In point of fact, only someone who doesn’t understand violence would wish for a home without firearms.

For the truly self-reliant individual, it’s not so much a question of what specific gun is needed to survive all possible threats. Rather, the question that comes to mind is β€œdo I have the right guns for the right jobs?”

Of course, the following question asked by any practical person would then be:

β€œHow much money would it cost to have the guns I really need?”

No worries. We’ve got your back. Building the proper battery for a worst-case-scenario should be intimidating to your pocketbook sensibilities, if you are sensible. But it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need a ton of guns. You need the right guns to get the job done. We guarantee you can do it all for under $1,500.


Glock 17


The Glock 17, chambered in 9mm is a fantastic choice for someone looking to own an all-purpose pistol. High magazine capacity, comfortable handling and consistency are its strengths. The Glock is also easy to clean as it has a very few number of working parts. With a price tag that beats out the majority of pistols in its class, and a world-renowned reputation for being virtually indestructible, this is a must-own pistol for anyone starting off their personal survival battery, anywhere.


Mossberg 500


That old saying of β€œif it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it,” fits quite nicely alongside the dependability and time-tested Mossberg 500 platform. As a shotgun, the versatility of this weapon is inherent. It can be used to harvest small game, big game, and work effectively as a personal defense weapon. Most standard Mossberg 500 models sold at commercial retail outlets also come with two barrels. One barrel for more traditional hunting purposes, and a shorter barrel intended for use in home-protection scenarios. You can’t help but smile when realizing that such a tool can be purchased for under $350, or less if you find a nice used one, they age gracefully.


Bushmaster AR


The AR universe is just that, its own complex galaxy of parts and accessories. Just a quick Google-search on the weapon is enough to drown a man in options. While it is possible to spend your entire paycheck on one particular AR, it is also quite simple to find a basic and trustworthy one for an affordable price. Bushmaster makes a fine, entry-level AR that is more than enough to get the job done when it comes to the capabilities of the .223 cartridge. It’s also quite feasible to sniff out good package deals on a Bushy that can include scopes or picatinny rail systems.

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