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How To Build Outdoor Shelters With Your Knives

Getting fully ready with your wilderness survival involves learning how to build a shelter. We are not going to give you a guide right now on building the shelter for use outdoors, but rather, tips on using the outdoor knife to build them. Here are the most important tips.

Among the uses of a survival knife includes processing good food, as a weapon, for first aid and medicinal purposes, adjustment of gear, building fire, and much more. One of these is for building shelters.

Before building the shelter

  • One of the expectations when it comes to constructing the shelter outdoors is that it takes a long time, and this factor has to be considered. First off, survey the area before nighttime and look for things that can ease the entire process. This can be areas that are to be used as support, which includes cliffs, a sizable fallen tree, a group of trees, and stumps.
  • You need to minimize additional work and build the shelter as soon as you can. Practicality is important.

Using your knife with lean-to survival shelters

  • One of the best forms of shelters is the lean-to survival shelter. Not just this, it is also very easy to make. It is important to look for sticks around a yard long and cut down using the survival knife.
  • Trim the sticks’ off-shoots with the knife and remove thin branches that may get in the way of building the shelter.
  • Then, lean these trimmed sticks against the cliff and now you have the structure of the shelter.

Waterproof the shelter

  • You’ll never know what types of weather disturbances may occur during your camp. The solution? Adding weight to the shelter to protect it from these elements. Enter: the survival knife. Use this to cut small branches filled with leaves from trees around. These branches act to add weight and provide a tube-like way to protect the shelter from flooding with waters. You have to make sure that the leaves are pointing toward the ground.

Making the bedding

  • There is also a survival hack with the use of the outdoor knife when making your bedding. First off, you can use dead leaves so collect them from around your vicinity. Or, you can use the knife to cut ferns and then bring them into the shelter.

Shelter entrances

  • The importance of laying the foundation for the shelter entrance should be emphasized as well. Right here, you will have to use your survival knife once more. Find a large straight stick around a foot longer. Cut them from their source using the knife.
  • Among the recommended materials are sticks from a willow tree. Cut these down using the knife, and lean these sticks against the supported log constructed earlier. You can add leaves for insulation and waterproofing.

Having your shelter with the help of your knife is only one angle to the entire methods and functions of these tools. Are they easy to do? Yes.

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