How To Disassemble And Clean Your Fishing Reel

The transition from spring fishing to summer fishing means that you have to one day clean your fishing reel. Buying a new one per season is not a recommended option, because obviously, they will be a boon for your pockets. Here’s your guide on disassembling and cleaning your fishing reel – so they are ready for the following season.

Disassembling Methods

Let’s begin with the first part, tips for disassembling the reel. There are a few steps to follow, and these are going to be easy. A disclaimer though, there are instances when these tips may or may not apply to the particular type of reel you are using.

  1. First, turn the knob located on top of the reel in a counterclockwise direction. Keep turning this way until you can have these pulled off from the reel’s body.
  2. Take a reel’s spool and start pulling in toward the upward direction, and away from the reel.
  3. On the opposite side, grab the knob from the handle. Turn it counterclockwise, and pull it away from the reel as much as you can.
  4. Then, pull the handle away from the reel.
  5. Start finding the screws on the side parts. Turn them in a counterclockwise direction with your screwdriver, and begin lifting them off the fishing reel. Remove the plate that the screws attach themselves to with the reel. When removing this plate, you can begin to see the internal parts.

Cleaning Methods

Now, let’s begin cleaning. These tips are categorized according to the type of fishing reel. Ready?

Spin-cast reel cleaning

Start off by removing covers and disassembling the parts. You may refer to the earlier procedure. You can either use a toothbrush or a tiny paintbrush to scrub these parts with a dishwashing liquid as the cleaning agent. Then, you can use a light oil to lubricate the equipment.

Bait-casting reel cleaning

Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the bait-casting reel. You may also use a light oil upon the ends of the spool shaft and that part that connects to the pinion gear. If you are unsure about maintaining their good shape with DIY cleaning, then you can contact a professional.

Oil should be used on these parts: the handle knobs, the spool release mechanism, the ball bearings, the stabilizer bar, and the spool shaft, as well as the shaft,Β  ends. Grease should be used for the following parts: pinion yoke, worm gear, worm-shaft guard, bushings, release slider, main gear, and pinion gear.

Spinning reel cleaning

Remember that you should be familiar with the assembly, disassembly, and lubrication procedure for these types of reels. You may follow the same cleaning guidelines. However, here are the parts for the oil and grease.

The oil should be used for the ball bearings, handle knobs, pickup pin, arm lever, kick lever, clutch screw, and spool-release mechanism. Grease should be used with the spinning reel’s crankshaft, crank gear, roller wheel, center shaft, pickup arm, bushings, and spool washers.

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