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How To Do First-Aid On A Gunshot Wound

Gunshot wounds are a terrible injury to go through. You aren’t truly safe anymore β€” you not only need to be wary of accidentally getting hit by other hunters in the woods but also guard yourself against bullet-spraying psychopaths in the city.

Your gunshot wound can depend on severity based on the type of bullet used, its trajectory when hitting you, and the point of entry. A bullet can either go through or lodge or rip apart vital internal organs like the heart or liver, and break bones, puncture the lungs, and cause extreme blood loss resulting in a fatality.

It takes years of experience to understand truly how to effectively treat a gunshot wound properly β€” but there are things that can be done while waiting for help to arrive like stopping the bleeding, keeping the victim stable, and calling for medical help. Having skill like properly making and using a tourniquetΒ and administering CPR is also of vital importance to buy time for the victim.

Never neglect the importance of bringing a first-aid kit everywhere you go β€” complete with the usual requisite items like bandages, disinfectant, stitches, etc. A kit would always come in handy when you are in an environment expected to have firearm use, like hunting in the outdoors. With the regular occurrence of mass-shootings, it is even more imperative to always have one with you more than ever.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure the victim stays alive long enough to reach the hospital.

Check the whole body to identify entry and exit wounds.

Stop the bleeding by applying firm pressure directly to the wound.

Callout: For chest wounds, use a credit card to form an airtight seal on the wound to prevent the lung from collapsing.

Check heart rate and breathing. Begin CPR if necessary.

Elevate the wound above the heart to slow bleeding. Callout: Arm and leg wounds may benefit from a tourniquet.

Clean the wound with water and alcohol, if available, and apply a pressure bandage.

Treat the person for shock and get medical attention as soon as possible.

Never underestimate the power of being prepared. Stay safe this holiday season, Survivors.

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