How to Make the Best Coffee While Camping

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If you love camping, you might also love the thought of waking up, preparing coffee over the campfire, and enjoying the smell and taste with the scenic view. It’s the lifeblood of campers and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere! Some people are even willing to add bulk to their gear just to be able to prepare rich and delicious coffee.

But there are many ways you can prepare coffee while camping. We decided to break it down and see the numerous methods of preparing a fresh cup of Java while camping! Continue reading to know more.

Instant Coffee

The most convenient way to brew a cup of joe while camping is through instant coffee because it is easy to pack and it dissolves completely without creating too much waste. There’s no need for coffee grinds, filters, and even extra beans.Β 

However, despite being lightweight and packable, we all know it doesn’t have the best reputation in terms of taste. So go for advanced instant coffee products that are made of premium coffee beans with a rich taste.Β 

The general method in making instant coffee is to put the instant coffee grounds in a cup and add boiling water. Wait a few seconds until it is dissolved and then enjoy!


As far as the brewing method goes, the Aeropress is a great gear on the trail since it makes a strong cup of coffee with a great clean-up. Aside from that, it is also lightweight, inexpensive, and a whole lot of fun to use!

Cowboy Method

There is nothing more iconic in a Western movie than a bunch of cowboys sitting around campfire pouring brewed coffee from their piping hot coffee tin! What they’re sipping on is called cowboy coffee and it is known for being dark and thick.

It also uses egg to help with the brewing process, which can coagulate the grounds and float them to the bottom of the pot for easy and filter-free brewing.Β 

Here’s how to make cowboy coffee at camp.

Although it is great for making coffee for two or more people and does not need extra equipment, not everyone enjoys its thick and viscous texture. It also requires a bit of practice to make since the coffee might taste over-extracted and chalky if brewed for too long.

One Cup Filter/Dripper

Another interesting way to brew your coffee at camp is through a manual drip coffee. It’s great for a quick and easy coffee fix. But when camping, a one-cup dripper will be more ideal because it is made for individuals looking for a single-serve coffee that has a clean mouthfeel and bursting with flavors.

This method uses gravity to help brew your coffee and is usually made of rugged plastic that makes it perfect for throwing in a hiking or backpacking bag.Β 

Coffee in a Bag

Steeping a tea bag is a great option, so why not do the same for coffee? Coffee in a bag products are rare, the most popular one being Folger’s singes. However, there are many new startups trying to revive the trend.

Coffee in a bag is great for short-trip backpackers and anyone who would rather not go full instant but also don’t want to bring brewing appliances or tools.

To do this, simply place the brew bag into a cup and fill it with hot water. Steep until your desired strength is reached and then remove. If you can steep a cup of tea, then you brew a bag of coffee just as easily.Β 

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