How to Survive a Chemical Attack

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A good survival plan considers preparedness as the most important value. One disaster situation you might encounter that you need to have a survival plan for is a chemical attack. This scenario is no joke as it happens all around the world. They have been used in warfare as a fast and dangerous weapon to deploy on a large group of people, spanning its hazards over the masses exposed.

What should you do to survive a chemical attack? How are you going to prepare for such a situation? Here are some things you need to know.

Know What a Chemical Weapon is

A chemical weapon is any toxic chemical that can cause injury or death through a delivery system like an artillery shell, rocket, or a missile. Some kinds of chemical attacks come in the form of nerve agents, blister agents, choking agents, and blood agents. These agents are categorized based on how they affect the human body.

Chemical attacks are delivered in two phases, delivery, and dissemination. The delivery phase is the launching of the rocket, bomb, or artillery shell. The next phase is the dispersal of the chemical agent from the weapon.

Chemical attacks have been used back centuries, but the rise of industrial production of chemicals in the late 19th century gave rise to the more massive use of these agents in combat. The latest recorded use of chemical attack was in 2018 when the UK accused Russia of using a Novichok agent to assassinate a former Russian spy, Sergei Skripal.

Have the Right Supplies

Your daily life could be placed to a halt once a chemical halt occurs in your environment. When it happens, the grocery store, bank, and pharmacy will be closed or will have limited resources, so it’s important to have the supplies with you. Keep a stockpile of supplies in your home, office, and other areas where you usually stay. This will include food, water, weapons, cash, and other supplies.

You also need to have a chemical decontamination kit to neutralize the agents since there is a possibility that the attack could contaminate your home with liquid or vapor, tainting the surfaces and spaces of your home.

As they remove the chemical agents in your house, they also have air respirator masks for vapor release protection.Β 

Stay Calm

This may seem impossible, but you have to stay calm. It’s the best defense even in the military. No matter how scary a chemical attack sounds, channeling relaxation is the best you can do it make it out alive.

Besides, panicking will cause you to inhale more chemicals faster as you make hasty choices. Panic is also very contagious, and the more people become agitated, the worse off you’ll be.

Look for Higher Ground

If you live in a place like Syria, where there are mustard agents and nerve gas like warheads, the very first thing to do is to get out. But chemicals may also be released in the open air in which case, you have to climb to the highest point. Sarin and other chemical gases are denser than air, so they will sink to the low ground.

Change Out of Contaminated Clothing

Chemicals tend to cling to fabrics when you are struck by one. Immediately remove your clothes once you have evacuated the targeted area. Don’t let the chemical sit in your clothes since it can be absorbed by the skin and plague your health with potentially serious symptoms.

When removing your clothing, avoid contact with your face. Instead of removing them over your head, cut the articles of clothing off your body, and properly dispose of them in a plastic bag.

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