How To Survive A Coyote Attack

The coyote is among the deadliest animals to encounter in the wilderness. Dubbed as “the most vocal of all North American mammals,” the species is characterized by its distinctive noise, and also can harm a person. It is native to the continent and is closely related to the Eastern wolf and red wolf. The International Union for Conservation of Nature categorizes the coyote as least concern because of its distribution across the area, including Mexico and Central America.


Nonetheless, they can do damage upon you and your pets. Coyote attacks may kill through biting the neck of their preys and thus, compressing their windpipes, causing the victim to have difficulty in breathing. Suffocation usually kills pets attacked by these animals.

Tips on surviving the attack

Start by taking precautionary measures

First, what you can do is to create an environment that is not favorable for the coyotes. Trim trees and shrubs to get these species away from potential places to hide. Put up fences and deterrents with motion trigger features to alert the homeowner of any possibility of attacks. These include light and sprinkler systems.

Avoid leaving food outside your homes or campsites. You may also tidy up fallen fruit and bird seeds from the yard to keep them away. Your garbage bins attract these coyotes, so be sure to secure these bins with ropes, bungee cords, chains, or weights.

During the attack

If you see a coyote in the wilderness, do not approach nor frighten them. There is a technique known as β€œhazing” which is about scaring the animal away from you by making yourself appear aggressive and imposing. You can do this by waving your arms above your head, and making low and authoritative tones to haze the coyote. Experts also advise that you can throw rocks and sticks to make the animal feel unwelcome. You may also spray water guns or hose, or bang pots together, to scare the coyote away.

Do not turn your back from the coyote as this indicates fear and weakness. Maintain following the rule of showing aggressiveness and dominance. If you find yourself in the middle of being attacked, cover vulnerable parts of your body to the coyote, which include throat and arteries. If you have been bitten, consult with a medical professional as soon as possible. They should be able to assess the wounds and provide the necessary medical treatment.

After the attack

Encountering the coyote and enacting preventive measures do not stop from the actual attack. Once things have pacified, or the victim has been given treatment, do your part by consulting with authorities and reporting sightings of a coyote in the neighborhood or area. You may also track where you have found them, specifying areas and reporting these to the authorities as well. Finally, do the follow up with animal authorities, animal control, and health control organizations to avoid any further attacks. These survival tips will help you go on with your lives, whether you are in your neighborhood or outdoors.

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