How to Survive the Purge

A β€œpurge” is defined so as to get rid of the persons considered undesirable; to remove by or as if by a cleansing. The 2013 movie, which you can watch almost anywhere, will make you wonder what you’d do if it were real. What if there’s one night each year when all crime including murder were legal? Would you hide? Seek?

The movie franchise shows how neighbors pit against neighbors, brothers against brothers, and the government against the peaceful populace. Read on as we break down a list of tips to survive the Purge night.

Stay Quiet as You Prepare

The main goal is to avoid the purge list. This can be done by keeping quiet about any prepping you have. Don’t tell even your family and friends about your plan, especially if they do not have the same philosophical thinking as you do. There are many ways for you to maintain a low profile when conducting your prep planning, supplying, and stocking up.

When having lunch with people, do not talk about ammunition storage, your freeze-dried foods, or your defensive tools. On the other hand, keep your ears open to hear what others are saying. This may be a good way to prospect for SHTF team members that you could recruit.Β 

Remove bumper stickers or pro-hunting logos on your vehicle. Don’t practice your bug out skills and other tactics in the backyard where your neighbors could see.Β 

When preparing, remember the five, six, or seven odd P’s: Proper planning prevents poor performance. This adage can be applied to everything, even during the Purge. Remember that the people who have thought ahead usually come out ahead. Learn how to create an improvised weapon with objects around you. It could be anything, from a broken bottle to a melted piece of plastic to make a tip. Don’t underestimate your butcher knife for self-defense.Β 

Moreover, don’t focus too much on your Purge mask just like everyone else does. Prep-wise, you should actually be wearing a helmet, Your Nixon mask means nothing to the brute force of terminal velocity!

Blend in

Obviously, you need to hide to avoid being murdered during the purge. Fit the baseline by matching your surroundings, especially if you’re in a hostile environment with very hostile people. Stay close to buildings and far from highways where attackers could be lurking.Β 

Question Authority

The underlying message of the story is, it’s never about making crime legal and letting people fight each other. It’s about the ruling class trying to exterminate the undesirable people, also known as you. It’s not backed by studies nor is it a tradition that enriches something. It’s only practiced by the government where they can send in heavily-armed kill squads to cleanse the nation of its lower class. It’s a fascist policy in every way.

However, if you think you won’t be vulnerable because you’re a high ranking politician, then think again. Your fellows can change the law just to get rid of you and your power. Remember to trust your friends, but never the government. They are the ones who started this.Β 

IN short, blue-collar people are good, and the rich are evil as hell. The Purge focuses on systemic inequality which occurs in real life. Don’t think that sticking to the wealthy is an advantage just because they are safe from the roving mobs.Β 

Know Your Surroundings

One of the most memorable lines from the Purge: Election was, β€œWe’re being hunted. We’re on our own. We have one goal right now: Survival.” which is said by Leo Barnes. This means you have to stay alert and constantly check for cover. People are letting off bullets everywhere, so make sure to take cover.

The places that you’d think would be helpful are actually your worst encounters. In a hostile urban environment where there aren’t any resources, places like shelters and pantries are the target areas. So those are areas you want to avoid. Try taking advantage of backroads and staying close to buildings. But multiple movies have shown these elite weirdos turning on each other constantly, flexing their disloyalty as they put bullets in each others’ heads and change the night’s rules on a whim.Β Β 

Do the Buddy System

It’s dangerous to be alone when you live in a horror movie with a terrifying concept. A team of dirt bike riders, paramilitary goons, or KKK might use their force to decrease the country’s population. Are you sure you could be like Dimitri, who is the only person in the entire movie franchise who makes the one-man-army work for him?

Dimitri went full Rambo on a housing tower full of well-armed invaders But that only ends up being the case after his entire team is assassinated via drone strike, and the only reason he goes into the tower is to reunite with and protect his remaining friends.

Always be with the people you trust most. It’s also a lesson you can take from the Purge: Anarchy, where the protagonist Sergeant Barnes went from a vengeance-driven lone wolf to a morally righteous defender of the weak.Β 

Don’t Hold Grudges!

The key to not being mercilessly killed by your neighbor is not to give them any reason to mercilessly kill you. Basically, all you have to do is be a good, considerate person every day which is not that hard. This is one of the simplest ways to make the Purge better.

And don’t get too cocky. Humbly hide in trash cans instead of hitting the road in a tank top and a bunny mask. That is how you get a crossbow bolt to the chest from the real heroes. And besides, acting boastful won’t make you any less vulnerable. You’re just as unsafe as everybody else.

We hope this list of tips has helped you learn what to do in case a Purge holiday is announced. And remember, don’t give people any cause to think about your name during the annual Purge holiday!

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