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Hunt Like A Pro With Bow And Arrow

If you ask the community, they will say that the preference of hunting using bow and arrow is somewhat of earning that right of being a more advanced hunter. It requires more skill and demands more familiarity with the style. That is to include that wow factor that you’ll exude upon others when using this equipment set.

Longer hunting seasons

In some states, hunting season for deer, for instance, tends to be longer when a hunter uses bow and arrow, compared to when they use guns. The season of using a bow and earning an ideal catch tend to happen earlier, and at that time of the year when the game is more abundant than during the season of guns.

Furthermore, using these tools instead will tune up more skills that you have, particularly on your target-directed motor skills. You can even apply what you have learned in other games or scenarios, and of course during the use of ammunition in hunting.

Fair match with the animal

With the bow and arrow, the animal you are hunting is given a fair match when it comes to fighting for survival. The use of guns takes the hunter in an advantageous position wherein the animal would have lesser chances to fight for their lives, and would not have any choice but to yield to the shots. If you want to carry a more exciting arena for the hunt, using the bow and arrow will help you get through it.

Useful tips

It’s been said that using these tools for hunting is a sleek way to do it. However, in order for you to become a pro in hunting with bow and arrow, there are important guidelines that you must keep in mind.

  • Grab an experienced hunter with you. More particularly with beginners, it will help greatly if you tag along an experienced bow hunter to guide you during your first attempts.
  • Shop for the right bow. Not all types of bows can work for all. Basically, the bow should be able to match your body type and proportionality, especially with the arms. Get to know about draw length, draw weight, and the game. Also find out the weight limits according to the state you are in, which brings us to the following tip.
  • Get your hunting licenses. There are general rules for hunting in your state, and then there are specific provisions. It is important to introduce yourself to these rules, and if there are specifications when it comes to hunting with the bow.
  • Wear safety gear. When hunting with these tools, complement the activity by wearing the necessary protective clothing or safety gear. There are recommended harnesses to check out and if you are taking your children to the wilderness during this type of hunt, be sure to practice safety measures.
  • Aim right. Bow hunting requires a lot of patience. Aim in the right way by choosing a spot on the animal, particular the vital organs. There are more chances to miss if you aim for the entire body. Moreover, remember not to aim for the head, neck, or rear. This is considered unethical shooting, and the right way is to take the shot when the animal is broadside or in a sideways angle with you.

Along the way, there are more tips that you will still learn when it comes to hunting with your bow and arrow. Keep an open mind and imbibe these guidelines as if you are a learner every day.

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