Hunting Mistakes Every Hunter Should Avoid

primitive survivors hunting mistakes

Planning to go hunting this weekend? Sounds exciting! Thousands of hunters go to the woods and forests every season. Some of them are experts, while others are newbies who still have a lot to learn. Either way, both amateur, and veteran still make mistakes that lead to a lower success rate.

That’s because you can learn something new every time you hunt. You also identify the mistakes you make and learn to change them in the future. So here are five common hunting mistakes that hunters should avoid!Β 

Trusting Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are groundbreaking gadgets that changed hunting. We can know what deer are in our hunting areas and their tendencies. But the downside is, it doesn’t let you see everything happening in the area. It can’t cover spots that might be important because of the many opportunities that are present. It doesn’t tell you what is happening 25 yards away from your stand. What about the bucks waiting for 60 yards away?

Bottom line is, don’t rely too much on a single device. Chances are, most of the bucks you take are the ones you didn’t know existed. Deer movement can change daily especially during the rut.

Not Practicing With Your Hunting Clothes

How will you know if you’re comfortable enough to shoot with your hunting apparel if you only practice n short sleeves and jeans in the backyard? Bowstring-to-sleeve slap can toss your arrow far off course. If you feel that it makes you shoot terribly, use an armguard that shrinks sleeve bulk or shorten your draw length a little.

Using gloves also has an impact on your grip. Gloves with covered fingertips inhibit you from feeling your finger or thumb on the release trigger.


Remember to tailor your clothing according to the weather. If it is warm, go for some light clothing while during the fall and winter months, keep yourself insulated with layers. Try using a first layer that is made of polypropylene material followed by wool and a protective outer layer.


Make sure that your shoes and belt are also of good quality and brand. A 5.11 belt is durable, lightweight, and efficient. As fir your footwear, make sure they are reliable and support your ankle and knees and are sturdy enough.

Not Considering the Wind

A great hunter knows how to gauge the direction and the speed of the wind because doing so guarantees that their scent is not being swept away and landing directly on the animals. If you don’t pay attention to the wind, you will not get to experience a land full of game hunting and a day well spent.Β 

Setting Up in Thick Woods

Don’t hunt where you can’t shoot. Try trimming at least three or four shooting holes to the front and sides of your stand. Then, drag the cut limbs away from your lanes and your stand. This is because it would be easier if they do not block a deer’s approach or divert them our of range as they pass.

Skipping a Pre-Hunt Scouting Session

Even the most experienced hunters end up committing this huge mistake. Even if you’ve known a certain land for a long time now, a lot can be learned from a scouting trip. Try walking to an area a few weeks before the ultimate day and scan the surroundings. Check your stands, food plots, and look for deer who are roaming around the area.Β 


You might even discover new routes! It takes a lot of preparation before going for a hunt, so don’t waste your precious hunting day figuring out these things when you could be catching your game already.Β Β 

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