Hunting News: Iowa Gears Up For Spring Turkey Hunting Season

Spring has arrived, and what keeps Iowa hunters busy these days is their preparation for the springtime turkey hunting season. This hunting season opens in April and large flocks of turkeys will once again gather in the fields, opening up new possibilities for the hunters, Spencer Daily Reporter said in a recent report.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources forest wildlife research biologist reveals, β€œTurkeys have home-field advantage. We go where they live and use calls that try to mimic the sounds of a hen.”

Springtime is breeding season for the species. For instance, male turkeys start to gobble to call let hens know their locations. Eggs are also laid as the season arrives. Hens nest on the ground to ensure food for their offsprings. It is one of the most exciting moments for turkey hunters. Nevertheless, there are still challenges on bagging wild turkey even for experienced hunters, the report adds.

Coffey further explains how hunters need to prepare in order to learn how to blend in with the landscape and β€œstay motionless.” The Tom usually has strong senses of sight and hearing so it is important to keep up with their abilities.

β€œThat’s what makes turkey hunting such an intimate activity,” he says.

Some tips

In order to remain successful for the spring turkey hunt, the wildlife research biologist recommends hunters to pattern their guns using the same shot and choke they are planning use to keep informed about limitations on gun and shot. This is also to lessen chances of missing at the turkey. He also shares tips to begin practicing calling.

Moreover, it is also recommended to study the area and spend some time to identify roosting trees and fields they species are known to staying at. Always secure the permission from the landowners before scouting at their property.

Spring turkey season in Iowa kicks off with a youth season on April 5th to 7th, followed by a series. The first season is from April 8th to 11th, the second is on April 12th to 16th, the third season is from April 17th to April 23rd, and the fourth season is from April 24th to May 12th.

β€œHunters will notice the youth season dates were changed back to the traditional three day season, but any unfilled youth season tags will be valid until filled for the remaining spring seasons,” Coffey adds. β€œThe key is for the youth tags to be purchased before the youth season closes because once the season is over, that option is no longer available.”

More hunting news

Meanwhile, on Sunday, March 24th, the National Wild Turkey Federation held an event at Grand Junction’s Edgewater Brewery to teach children about hunting, firearm safety, and conservation ethics. The federation has once again established their presence after a five-year hiatus, ABC News reports.

The instructors see the workshop as a tradition being passed on to these children. One of the children who participated in the workshop shares, β€œThe thing is, you never want to point a gun at somebody. You have to always be safe when you’re shooting, if not you could end up hurting somebody, you could end up hurting yourself, or other wildlife.”

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