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Injuries Kids Encounter At Camp (And How To Treat Them)

Summer is around the corner! There are so many activities lined up for the kids. Some take their summer break classes, go to resorts with the family, spend time vacationing abroad, and a whole lot more. However, the percentage of these families also choose to go out camping. The season offers a lot of holidays and breaks to use up the time frequenting these campgrounds and parks.

One challenge that it encountered – and is inevitable, sometimes, unless you are really careful – is having an injury while at camp. Most of them are part of the experience, and in some points of our lives, we will really get through it. Here are the most common ones and how to treat them.

  1. Cuts

A camp is a place for so much activity and there are instances that sharp objects like knives and edges of a sharpened wood may cause cuts that should not be left unattended. These happen during rigorous activities or during cooking in the kitchen. In order to avoid getting these injuries, children must be properly guided when they are using the knife or not let them use the tool at all for now until they get more mature and understand about their surroundings. When cuts occur, it is important to have the first-aid kit ready, disinfecting the wounds and providing medication when necessary.

  1. Illnesses

The immune systems of your little ones are not yet very strong enough to withstand elements while at camp, and even during warmer months like summer, there are a lot children acquiring illnesses while outdoors. The frequency of seeing these patients is just as many as the injuries on the skin. In order to prevent these illnesses, it is important to observe your children a few days before their camp out. They have to be physically and mentally prepared in the activity. Have the medications ready, vitamins, and pills that will be present to minimize all symptoms when you find yourself encountering these already while at camp.

  1. Bites and rashes

When you think about bites and rashes, the first thing that comes to mind is the mosquito. There are several other causes of these rashes and these could be caused by hazardous plants, animals, and also from pests. From your kit, prepare the ointment and the repellant to prevent and treat these injuries. For snake bites, it is best to be swift on the action and call the best medical professionals. Refer to our article on surviving a snake bite to guide you through the treatment options.

  1. Burns

This can anywhere be from sunburn or from the fire that has been made at camp. Burns can hurt a lot and have repercussions on continuing on with their daily activities. Start by getting children away from the causes of these burns. While teaching children how to build a fire is a great skill to learn while early, parents should find the balance and evaluate if it is time to teach their little ones this task. There are various equipment that are improvised tools for fire building and not the actual materials from nature. Acquire this so these kids can still learn without being prone to the fire-causing burns.

  1. Fractures and sprains

Mostly due to rigorous activities while at camp, fractures and sprains may affect any part of the limbs, including wrist and ankles. As a parent, it is important to always remain watchful of the kids when they are engaged in such activities. Especially if you still have younger ones, signing up as a chaperone and communicating with the school or institution regarding you accompanying them during the field trip should be considered.

Camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities can both be memorable and exciting, but you should not let these injuries disrupt any happy moments that you create. Always be ready and be prepared to take action whenever possible.

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