Interesting Must-Haves For Wilderness Survival

If you are out there hunting or camping in the wild, everything good or bad my happen to you. Even the threatening situations may alarm you, so you need to be prepared. Here are the things that you didn’t know can help you survive the circumstances.Β 

Bubble Wrap

The bubble wrap is more than just an appliance accessory because if you are outside, this can save you from hypothermia. Air bubbles that the small packets of balloons hold to create an insulating shield that provides the body enough warmth. According to research, a single sheet of bubble wrap is around 70 percent as effective as three cotton blankets for insulating a person. Since this is made out of plastic, it can even be more effective in the wind, and in the rain. If you pop the bubbles, then you don’t want to run out of heat until rescue operations arrive.Β 


Yep, you’ve read that right. Sufficient pieces of condoms can allow you to survive for years. Now that’s two poles apart. They are present to provide you with food, fire, water, and shelter if you need them outdoors. Wait, wait, wait, what?Β 

The thickness and strength of these condoms are enough to provide one of the most durable storage for water, plus they are expandable. These condoms are also designed to burn fast, so they are perfect if you need an instant fire. Latex condoms are the most effective types. Moreover, they can also be utilized as a rope to tie up a tarpaulin for shelter, and you can make a small slingshot from these as well.Β 

Saran Wrap

Meanwhile, the saran wrap is one for the health. They can be used as first-aid on a lung puncture. One of the types of wounds that penetrates through the chest wall, and into your lungs is a sucking chest wound. Because of the lung hole, air can easily escape through the chest with a noticeable sucking sound. These wounds can be fatal unless they are treated right away. However, if you are several miles away from the hospital, how can you treat these wounds? Here are the steps.Β 

Find a piece of plastic-like saran wraps, and seal the hole so the chest cavity around the lungs does not receive more air pressure than the lungs themselves. If this happens, the lungs shall collapse. Therefore, what you can do is seal the hole, leave a flap at the bottom to allow air to leave through the wound without entering it.Β 


Tampons! Assuming that you have never carried a tampon to camping before, you might want to include this in your backpack. Or, if you have them in serendipity inside your carry-on bag. They are very useful like condoms. For one, they can make a DIY fishing bobber that you can quickly construct.Β 

Every tampon has four basic parts: a plastic tube, cotton wadding, string, and an airtight wrapper. Make a fishing bobber by opening the wrapper at one end, take the tampon out, then tie the wrapper closed with a bubble of air inside. If it doesn’t float, don’t worry, you can stuff some of the cotton into the bubble until it does. Tampons can also be used to set fire.Β 

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