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Is it Safe to Store Handguns and Ammo Inside a Hot Car?

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Many gun owners use car gun storage for different reasons, one of which is to respond quickly to a threat when you’re in your private vehicle. But the high temperatures of this season might make you question whether it’s safe to store your handgun and ammo in the car. Will it explode? Will it ignite a fire? Continue reading to learn more.

Why You Should Keep a Weapon In Your Car

Having a car gun was the only common self-defense technique with a firearm before legalizing concealed carrying. It is usually a pistol tucked in the dash or under the seat in case things went sideways.

Many people are against keeping a firearm in their cars because it could get stolen. In some areas, however, it is illegal to do so. But if your jurisdiction allows storage of guns and ammo in the car, what’s stopping you? Having a dedicated car gun within easy reach beside a carry gun on your person allows a person to respond quickly to a threat, say a road rage maniac or would-be carjacker.

Is it Safe to Store Handguns and Ammo in a Hot Car?

During the summer, temperatures in most countries are very high. This may lead you, a gun owner, to question whether you can keep your firearms and ammunition in your car. You’re concerned that the temperature in your car will reach high enough temperatures to cause the ammunition to self-ignite or cause a round to go off in the chamber.

The answer here is, unless your car is on fire, the ammunition stored inside it will not explode. Even the hottest of the hottest temperatures with triple digits, humidity is not a big deal. But when you reload your own ammunition and use cheap primers that are unsealed, then moisture might seep in and cause issues in your problems.

Although the heat won’t cause problems in the functionality of firearms or ammo, consider storing them in a closed container that is not exposed to the sun. Touching metal that’s been sitting in a hot car for extended periods of time is not a fun experience. Do yourself a favor and keep your guns out of the direct sun.

Guns are supposed to be unloaded and stored in these locked containers of your trunk or other areas of the car that are not accessible to the passenger compartment. This is also the law in some jurisdictions regarding transporting guns and ammo in the vehicle

How to Leave Your Firearms in the Car Responsibly

There are two ways you can leave your gun in the car. First, have it locked and concealed in a container fixed to the interior. Many companies specialize in doing this. When closed, they appear no different than any other facet of the vehicle. The companies that specialize in this work partner with the specific model of your vehicle to guarantee that the compartment is flush with the other panels. This option is the best one, especially for those who plan on keeping their vehicle long-term. Try investing in one of these!

It is also ideal to put your gun locked in a safe box if it does not seem practical to install a custom concealed compartment in the vehicle for you. This is a responsible and affordable option. Install a vehicle-mounted gun safe perfect for storing a pistol or revolver. The only downside to this is how visible it is when your vehicle gets broken into.

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