Jungle Snare

There is something that is just downright exciting about a snare that catches someone by the foot and simultaneously springs them up into a tree. It echoes the likes of Indian Jones, Tarzan and Robinson Crusoe.

A spring-loaded jungle snare is a solid mantrap that can be utilized in a variety of environments. While it has been sensationalized in Hollywood flicks and contemporary pop culture adventure movies, the reality of this snare is both effective and terrifying. It works well where there are trees with a trail that runs through them. A location with a bit of ground cover, and some bushes that your enemy must move through is ideal.

There are a number of effective ways to run a jungle snare. Firstly, you must make the snare out of 20-millimeter airplane cable or other light wire that can hold a jerk load of 600 pounds. Number 16 copper appliance wire works great. Other solid choices in snare material include baling wire or deer snare wire.

Your snare loop needs to be 30 centimeters in diameter. You must take care not to make your snare too small. If it is too small it will trigger the trap in a premature manner that will snatch the boot off of your target rather than secure him by the ankle.

Leave 10 centimeters of slack in the wire. Anchor the bottom of the loop to the ground. Take care to ensure that the loop stands perpendicular to the path. Hide the snare by setting it where and branch overhangs the trail at a height of three feet. This will ensure that your enemy will see the branch, try to brush it aside and step into the snare.

Use a peg and nail trigger to set the snare off. Hoist a log of no less that 500 pounds up a tree by throwing the snare wire over a thick limb. Position the log at 20 feet high. Run the line behind the trunk of the tree and obscure it from vision. When the trigger is hit, the victim should be snared at the ankle, jerked off the ground and suspended from the ground.

Just in case you need a more visual representation of what this will look like, we cooked up a solid demonstration that you can check out by watching the video below.

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