Keep Your Family Cool While Camping

Summer is fast approaching, and not even it has officially arrived on the calendar, you may already feel it now. For avid campers, no season changes can stop them from heading for the campsite and having fun. Whether it’s summer’s extreme heat or the freezing temperatures of winter, the adventure goes on.

On the other end of the spectrum, you should also be able to take care of yourself while camping. In other words, your health during the summer is still of utmost importance. Much more with your family. Without further ado, here are the tips on keeping it cool for your family while camping.

  1. Hydrate yourself

The number one rule in fitness is also a must-do when it comes to finding yourself in the camp. First, have lots of frozen water jugs with you. Consider the chance of witnessing how the ice in the cooler can melt, so dry ice is a solution.

Frozen water can also be your ally when the night falls. Simply slip a jug of frozen water beneath your sleeping bag to cool your feet, and make it a whole lot easier to sleep. This can replace a source of cold water from nature nearby if these water forms are not present.

Then, keep your body hydrated. There may be hiking trails that you’ll do so bringing a water tumbler with you is a must. Drink more water than what you commonly drink when you are in your neighborhood.

  1. Refresh your body

Summer camping should not include thick fabrics in your luggage. The best ones are those which are breathable, specifically cotton and linen. There are long-sleeve fabrics of this kind if you want to protect yourself from intense sunlight. However, you can still bring short sleeves and shorts, only you need to prepare the sunscreen.

Beat the heat in the simplest ways. Throughout the day, soaking a towel in cold water and placing this at the back of your neck is another way to cool you down. You may also place the towel on your forehead as you sleep.

And, don’t forget to take a cold shower before going to bed. It may be done in a nearby water source in nature, or inside your RV truck. However, if you take a look at our previous post, camping technologies, you will see how a portable shower equipment can provide you a home-like bathing experience.

  1. Make the most out of your tent

Most of the time, the secret to keeping it cool during the summer lies on your tent. According to experts, a tent with a lot of mesh works best in this season. The habit of disassembling your tent in the day should also be practiced. Many campers miss on this, but when you disassemble the tent upon waking up and doing the daytime chores, you will remove any chance of having the tent material attract heat.

It also helps to choose a shaded area, like a tree to set up your tent with. A camping hack that has been quite helpful for a while is the use of a reflective sunshade.

  1. Stay cool even while asleep

The hammock remains as one of the best options to sleep on during summer trips. The open air that you get will make you comfortable throughout the night. You only have to make sure to apply repellants on your skin, because you don’t want to wake up itching with mosquito bites. There are hammocks that go with bug nets.

Buy yourself a sleeping hammock, which is different from a lounging hammock. The former tends to be stronger in the material. Finally, a tip to follow is to position yourself diagonally on your hammock for a more comfortable sleep.

Do you have camping secrets to share? It’s summer and you don’t want the community to miss out. Post in the comment section below!

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