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Keys to Accurate Shooting

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Want to elevate your shooting skills, specifically accuracy? Whether you are practicing for the next hunting season, self-defense, or for sports, accurate shooting is probably the most important skill you need to acquire as a firearm owner. Learn how you can shoot more accurately with your handgun and rifle through these most fundamental and easy tips!

Buy a High-Quality Scope

The firearm alone is not enough. You need to spend about the same amount of money or more on a good scope, mount, ring, and more. A quality scope will help you in those low-light shooting situations. If you ever spot a buck at night but you are not able to clearly see it with your scope, you’ll regret not buying a good one! Remember that a good scope also has precise windage and elevation adjustments.

Improve Shooting Stance

Yes, the way you stand has a lot to do with how you shoot. Consider it as the foundation of everything. For instance, if your base is wobbly, chances are, it won’t take much to mess up the whole shot. Add that to the loud explosions and recoil which can also mess stuff up.Β 

The rule of thumb is to have a stable/comfortable stance where you tilt a little forward to mage recoil. If you want to get more technical, there are three main types of stances: Isosceles, Weaver, and Modified Weaver with different floor placements and how the arms are flexed.

Focus While Practicing

Always have the right mindset and attitude when shooting. It may sound cliche but bad shots in practice will amount to bad shooting in the actual scenario. Simply pulling the trigger isn’t enough as you have to make each shot count. Concentrating on your target is easier said than done, but it matters.Β 

Clean Your Rifle Barrel

Most hunting firearms need some cleaning to restore their accuracy. Try looking at the muzzle of your rifle in the sunlight after you have made sure that it is not loaded. You can do this by removing the bolt. If there is a lot of copper shining, it means a good cleaning is in order. That’s because accuracy decreases as your barrel gets powder residue and is copper fouling.


Invest in a quality cleaning kit as much as you do in a firearm and accessories. Inexpensive ones don’t do an adequate job, so we recommend you also get aΒ  rifle-cleaning cradle for about $30 to $70. The cradle holds the rifle securely during the cleaning process. You can also get a rod guide that is specifically designed for your rifle’s chamber to avoid solvents from running back into the chamber and the trigger group.

Proper Handgun Grip is a Must

The general rule is to grip as hard as you can, but not as much that you hurt your hands and get tremors. A crushing grip on the gun can avoid unnecessary movements of your non-trigger-fingers. How you hold a gun is another key to accuracy.Β  You want the web between your trigger finger and thumb to be as high as possible on the grip to contain the recoil of the slide moving back and forth.

Fire Only When Ready

Always think before you fire. A lot of things, like a scope field crammed with antlers, can make you do goofy things. Ask yourself, is this as close as you can get to your game? Or should you just wait for a better presentation? Maybe you have the chance to hide behind a nearby log. You might have more time than you use. Unnecessary delay may hurt, but getting your firearm to settle is more crucial than anything. Take your time as you drop into the position you practiced, having the right stance and grip, and breathing deeply as you switch off the safety.

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