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Last-minute Gift Ideas For Every Outdoorsman

While holiday shopping can be stressful, everyone usually has a few easy people on their list.
For people who enjoy exploring the outdoors, there’s always another tool or gadget to add to their camping inventory.

If a friend or family member is always inviting you to go on a camping trip, this is a good place to start your search for a gift for them.

A warm down jacket

Patagonia’s down jacket is a great buy for anyone who doesn’t let a bit of cold get in the way of their outdoor activities. It’s also made with recycled down, so it’s both stylish and sustainable.

A pair of hiking boots

If you have a hiking enthusiast in your life, a pair of boots that are comfortable and durable is always a good gift. These boots climbed Everest, so chances are they can handle most trails in your neck of the woods.

A reliable multitool

A multitool from Leatherman is a gift they’ll get a ton of use out of on camping trips and around the house.

An inflatable couch

Lamzac is a portable couch that can fit in your bag. Next time your friend hikes for two miles for the perfect view, they’ll have a comfortable place to sit, relax, and take in the beauty.

A propane stove

This Coleman grill might not look like anything special, but it is the most reliable one I have found. It’s simple to use, and the two burners provide enough space for a breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes for the entire campsite. Just always remember to bring enough propane with you.

A set of camp cookware

Gift this set of camping cookware from REI and your favorite camper will be set for however long they wish to explore the great outdoors. Complete with a pot, strainer, pan, mugs, and bowls, they’ll be able to cook to their heart’s and stomach’s desire.

A pocket notebook

Time spent in nature can fuel all sorts of inspiration. A notebook that comfortably fits in a back pocket is a perfect stocking stuffer or a quick gift for a friend to help ensure they always have the option to doodle while they’re on the trail.

A fire starter

When in the wilderness, the ability to make a fire is of the utmost importance. Whether your friend needs a bit of extra warmth or simply a bit of scene-setting for a scary story they’re telling before the campsite goes to bed, a fire starter is always going to be of use.

A water bottle

Few things are more important than staying hydrated while out and about in the woods.


With Lifestraw, any water is instantly drinkable. For the outdoorsman who likes to travel light, it’s an easy addition to their backpack.

A throw blanket

Rumpl took the design that makes sleeping bags so warm and applied it to a blanket, and the resulting product is an easy addition to any camping bag.

A good book

There’s nothing like a good book to keep you company in nature, and a story about getting to know the Earth a bit more intimately can be a great inspiration.

A sleeping bag

A warm sleeping bag is an essential part of any outdoorsmen’s trunk.

A sleeping pad

Sleep is never perfectly comfortable when out in the wilderness, but a sleeping pad like this one can make nights exponentially better.

A GPS locator

Few things are scarier to me than the idea of being lost in the woods and without a cell signal. With this SPOT tracker, help will always be just the push of a button away.

A durable cooler

The Yeti Hopper is hopefully the last cooler they’ll ever need to get.

A GoPro

A GoPro camera will make it easier than ever for your friend to capture the beauty of the outdoors and share their adventures with you and the rest of the world.

A flask

Everyone needs a flask, and those enamored with the outdoors should have one that’s rugged enough to withstand the elements. Nothing like a nip of whiskey to get your blood pumping for the second half of a hike.

A thermos

A thermos like this one filled with hot coffee will make those morning hikes to watch the sunrise a bit easier.

A trail stool

When you’ve been walking for a while, it’s always nice to have a place to sit. This trail stool from REI is easy to bring out on the trails and ensures a bit of rest whenever necessary.

A survival grenade

Another stocking stuffer for any friend who likes to spend time off the beaten path, this survival grenade is a convenient carabiner to clip onto their backpack, and contains a ton of supplies that will be of great service should anything go wrong.

A pop-up tent

I bought this exact tent the night before I left for Coachella with no idea of its quality. Now three years and six festivals later, I doubt I will ever buy another tent again. It takes literally seconds to set up, which after hours of driving to your campsite is a great relief, especially when you see those around you struggling to fit one pole into another to stabilize their lodging.

A simple watch

A simple, understated timepiece that looks like it belongs in the outdoors.

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