Lifetime Secrets For Deer Hunters

Part of deer hunting success is determined by how much secrets you know about this thrilling outdoor favorite. Primitive Survivors consulted expert tips and insights to gather the top secrets that you should know. Let’s begin with the first one.

Take advantage of territorial instincts

Several hunters hunt under the impression that doe estrous defines the attraction for the big bucks. The tool can only do so much, so you have to consider other options. One secret to successful deer hunting is to take advantage of the territorial instincts of the species. This goes out to studying scents and being familiar with them.

Eat your early lunch

If you take a break during the common lunchtime, you will miss a lot. This is both a secret and a mistake that hunters fail to apply. During lunchtime is the favorite part of the day when mature bucks will be on the prowl. This time could give you higher chances to get bigger bucks, so stick around.

A muzzleloader hack

While aiming for the buck, try this big hack. Doing muzzleloader? Take full advantage of the electrical tape. Here’s how it works. During the wetter season, you can place electrical tape over at the end of your barrel to avoid build-up of moisture. Hunters will have to shoot through the tape during such time when the buck is ready.

Scout for food-rich areas

Again, scouting will take your hunting to the next level. You can find a huge possibility of buck appearances food and water sources, specifically in the midday. Among these include secluded orchards, exclusive acorn-rich oak stands near dense bedding areas, and water sources. This secret is best implemented during the rifle season, experts suggest.

After making the shot…

Looking at how you have run into the deer is also important. Being informed has always been key. Finding brown hair and reddish to pinkish blood bubbling indicates that the heart or the lung has been shot. Dark-colored red hues of the blood and brown, thick hair tell you that you have shot the liver. How to know if you made a bad shot? You’ll spot white hair and watery blood, an indication of a shot to the stomach, a less successful hunting action.

Mottled sunlight hunting is best

One of the most recommended tips and secrets to uncover is setting up in the middle of cover within mottled shadows. The rationale behind is, it will be easier to find a buck as sunlight passes through. The existence of the shadow, how it is drawn, the sunlight, and spots for camouflage all contribute to making a good shot. The sun’s position must be behind you, whether the sun is rising or setting.

Aerial photos to the rescue

As part of the preparation phase before the hunting spree, aerial photos of the hunting area will help you scout and study. You don’t have to purchase a drone just to see a bird’s eye view of the place. Online, you can consult with Google Maps and other relevant programs to provide you with this information.

There are more deer hunting secrets that are yet to be revealed, so stay tuned for our next set. Do you have a deer hunting tip or secret to share? Don’t hesitate to post in the comments section!

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