Lifetime Secrets For Waterfowlers

There’s a thin line that separates getting a good catch for ducks and getting a bountiful catch. One moment, you might believe that you did great but actually, you can push for more. Waterfowlers should always be updated on the most important tips and secrets about the activity. Take these as life hacks that will move you toward greater success.

Observe more

The common skills in duck hunting are scouting and actual pursuing. There is an observation made, but are you sure this is enough? The best hunters and the best fishermen, especially waterfowlers, will always spend a significant amount of time studying the environment, recognizing patterns, and understanding their movement. You can begin by looking at their food preferences, like grains or seeds. You can also read field crops, water depths, direction, breeding behavior, and more.

It’s all about your distance to the boat

As simple as knowing how you should position yourself with the boat will take you further into the hunting process. What distance is too far? Camouflaging the boat is one skill to learn, but this should always match the surroundings. Other than the standard green color, you can use tans and browns as well for your waterfowling boats.

The right time to call

Many duck hunters are after perfecting the way they want to call. However, it is important to consider that these species have various sound ranges, one group has a high range and the other has the lower one. The note cadence is also something that you should pay attention to, not to mention those that merely quack so much. Timing is also very important when calling during the waterfowl hunting spree.

The secret? Call the ducks when they are about to leave the area. Use feed and quack calls as they approach. The five-note cadence is suitable for those leaving the place in order to attract them back. Do not overcall.


Keeping a journal is something that everyone does in various aspects of their lives. It could be a diary of their everyday encounters, which they write before they sleep. However, the habit can also be utilized for duck hunting. Record things that happened, the weather, the wind patterns, the equipment used, and the mistakes encountered. This is not just a journal to express what you want to express, but also to have a reference when you need to study your skills.

The water levels

Aside from the weather forecast, a good waterfowler hunter should know how to observe and deduce something out of the water levels. If rains happen, these levels can change and affect the movement of the species. At the same time, there are also big changes during the drier months. It is also a great practice to keep an eye of the water levels in each time the season begins.

These are only some of the lifetime secrets for waterfowlers that will take your hunting spree into greater heights. Do you have relevant experiences to share? Tell us in the comment section below!

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