Living Off-Grid Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many people aspire to live off the grid because the idea of no bills and making your own food are very appealing. This lifestyle is appealing to every generation. However, don’t rush yourself into living off-the-grid as you still have many preparations to make.Β 

Here are some off-grid living mistakes you should avoid!

Having No Idea About Off-Grid Power Systems

Even if you consider yourself resourceful and easy to learn, off-grid power systems will be difficult to work through no matter how much you read about it. When you’re faced with a -40-degree temperature at night,Β  it all becomes a different story.Β 

Don’t go living off-grid without understanding what a battery bank is, or the importance of batteries for off-grid living. Google what an inverter is as well. It converts the direct current output of a solar panel to an alternating current output in order to power an off-grid setup.

You have to know the basics of solar panels, inverters, charge panels, batteries, and generators. But it doesn’t stop there. You also need to practice how to operate these things too. How are you going to read digital messages on the charge panel screen? How will you adjust the alarm system? What should you do with generators that won’t start?

While you’re still in the city or town, look for opportunities for β€œreal-life learning”. Take short courses on engine repair to give you some hands-on experience about operating generators and other items.

Not Investing in Good Soil

This is another common mistake when living off the grid. You’re either not investing n the right type of soil or not brining any soil at all. Gardening is essential for living off-grid for food, so you should be well-versed in these skills. Bring the right type of soil, seedlings, plants, and other gardening accessories with you when living off-grid.

Being Unrealistic About Your Homestead

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about the perfect homestead, but make sure you can accomplish those goals by learning useful off-grid living homesteading skills. Instead of planning and planning, why not start by being self-reliant? Do you already know how to fish? Hunt? Preserve food? Raise chickens and goats? Can you survive without the internet?

If you answered yes to all the questions mentioned, then you can start jumping right to dreaming about your homestead. But if you don’t know one or two of the skills mentioned, there’s a ton of information on homesteading, prepping, survival, and off-grid living skills for you to learn.

Not Using Gravity as a Sidekick

Some people who have lived off-grid for months do not even realize that gravity is their sidekick. Choose a location that is not too elevated since carrying buckets of water to your location every day can be exhausting. This will help stop water sources from naturally making their way down a mountain and into one’s camp. When a family sets up camp downhill from a water source, they can manipulate the land to create a stream of accessible water.

Not Having a Reliable Water Source

It’s going to be hard finding a reliable source of water when you start living off-grid. Look for an expert or buy a land that has an underground source for you to install a well. If you picked a land near a large pond, small lake, or a river, install your own water purification system and use those natural sources. You can also harvest water with large rain barrels and use that water for outside watering.

But if there is none, then you need to learn how to collect water from rain, or having your pond evaporate in times of drought.Β 

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