Living Off the Grid Essentials

Living off the grid is not all about the freedom to live without restrictions and the romance of living harmoniously with nature. It also takes ingenuity, determination, and the right gear! You’ll need to prepare the essentials that will help you keep your disconnected home ticking.

Rugged off-the-grid cabins usually have no power and cell service, so here are some essential pieces you need to have, from solar charging devices to chairs and stove.

What does it Mean to Live off the Grid?

An off-gridder is someone whose home is not connected to electricity from the power grid and has no access to the town’s water supply, waste disposal, and other community utilities. This may have sounded easy if you’re living in a time without cellphones, but the 21st century now makes it hard for us to live in social isolation.

However, there is an irony that the technological advancements made living off the grid easier because of solar, winds, and hydropower, larger water storage tanks, composting toilets, and wireless technology.

That is why many people, especially marijuana farmers, doomsday preppers, environmentalists, libertarians, and others enjoy escaping the establishment.

What are the Off-the-Grid Essentials?

To find out the important gear you need for living off the grid, there are important for you to know first. Whether you’re prepping for an SHTF event or just want to have a smaller environmental footprint, here are five facts for you:

  • Winter will make you feel too cold. You’ll need a clever home design, insulation, slow-combustion wood fire, etc.Β 
  • Summer is too hot.Β 
  • Nights will be too dark.
  • Water always goes downhill
  • God soil is needed to grow your own food.

With that, here are some important things you’ll need to successfully live off the grid.

Dual-Purpose Cooking and Heating

To save some space, it’s better to have a heater for overnight wood-burning and a stove with oven in one high-quality item. Getting warm and cooking can be great challenges when you’re living off the grid, but a wood-burning stove can hit two birds with one stone.


Of course, one needs to see in the dark since the cabin and its surrounding forest are shaded all the time and so full of mysteries. Having the means to light up your house on the inside and outsie will make your life off the grid more enjoyable.


Headlights, camping lights, and solar home sets are some of the options you can choose from.

Solar Charging Devices

What’s the use of lights, speakers, cameras, and other tools if you can’t charge them? Charging these things will help to live off the grid more convenient by allowing you to make dinner, listen to music, light your cabin during early fall nights, and having high-quality tools for cabin repairs.


Solar power sources can come in the form of panels or generatorsΒ 

Septic System

Waste disposal is a necessity that should be prioritized when living off the grid. You can opt for a composting toilet system if it’s legal in your area. You will most probably need a large and portable RV type septic system which can be emptied monthly or quarterly. It can be more costly but it’s cheaper than building one from scratch which still required permitting, perc testing, and contractors.


Of course, reliable tools are a must for different situations. Shovels are necessary for digging holes and moving dirt. Go for one that is made of stainless steel that can cut through soft and hard soil.

An ax, knife, or saw are also important for chopping wood when you plan on making fire. Other things you might need are ropes, can openers, box wrench, screwdrivers, fire starters, etc.Β 

Seeds and Cuttings

To grow food on your own, you must have the seed to start your garden. They are affordable and have lots of varieties to choose from. Sometimes, you can get seeds and can get seeds and cuttings for free from people you know.

Remember that certain crops’ harvest time will be a minimum of 30 days out to 60-90 days. Try getting a greenhouse to grow plant year-round.

First Aid Kit

Since you’ll be living away from the pharmacy and the hospitals, you will be needing to keep a supply of medicine and first-aid tools. Living off the grid means you need to be self-sufficient, so you can’t simply rely on doctors and 911.

That said, not only first-aid medicines and tools are needed but also the knowledge and application of first-aid itself. Expand what you know about herbal plants and old-school survival skills. Make sure you do this before living off-grid so you’ll move in prepared.

Refridgerator or Cooler

Keep your perishables cold using a fridge. Food may soil when you do not use a highly efficient cooler to preserve it. Go for those that hook up to solar and those that require less energy and still manage to freeze ice creams!


Even if you have that back-to-nature philosophy, you know you’ll still be needing money. In fact, you can’t build your cabin without one! There are so many things you need to buy before and while living off the grid, especially if you plan to move with your family.

To do anything, you basically need money. Otherwise, you’d be stuck in the poorhouse, renting an apartment, and barely making ends meet. The dough will help you secure most things on this list of gear.

Enjoy Your Life Off-Grid!

Even though your lifestyle will be much simpler and primitive, getting off the grid can be a challenge because of the cost and practical knowledge that you need to have. Not everyone has the income, skills, and even willingness to abandon their material comforts in exchange for being a survivalist or an environmentalist.

In spite of this challenge, there are so many benefits! Embracing the pulse of life in all its natural beauty is a heartwarming privilege that rewards the soul. Enjoy your life off-grid by making sure you have all the essentials we mentioned.Β 

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