Make Your Home More Sustainable With These Tips

Your home is your little paradise and haven after all the work and efforts for the day you end up retiring at your home. Making your home sustainable is a great idea to provide you with optimum comfort and enjoyment. It will also ensure that you minimize your carbon footprint making your home an eco-friendly one. In this post, we will give you some tips on making your home more sustainable.

Turning your home more sustainable in easy ways

  • Check your windows and orient them (for a new house) towards the sun to give you natural lighting.
  • If your home is already constructed, you can change your windows to double-gazed ones or install thermal back curtains.
  • In buying your appliances, choose those with a high energy-efficiency ratio because this means lesser energy consumption.
  • Buy eco-friendly bulbs instead of ordinary ones.
  • To have a flash of natural lighting and ventilation you can widen your windows so that during windy days you can open them for fresh air instead of using cooling appliances.
  • Insulate your walls, floorings, and ceilings to save from heating energy consumption.
  • When doing your groceries, choose only those with eco-friendly labels not only as your show of support but your little contribution in making the Earth a better place to live in.
  • Β Install a rainfall water tank to complement your water source.
  • Put native plants inside your home, especially in your living room, kitchen, and restroom. Choose those plants that help in cleaning the air you breathe.
  • Plant trees and orchids in your garden together with medicinal plants for your enjoyment and first aid needs. It will also improve the looks of your backyard and give you added shade and fresh air.
  • Consider shifting from renewable sources of energy like solar panels and windmills, whichever is applicable in your situation and budget.
  • Use painting materials that are eco-friendly and good to your sight. Use natural colors like green, orange, and brown.
  • Segregate your wastes accordingly and don’t burn it on open air.
  • Use dry leaves as a fertilizer to your plants at home. You save not only money, but you’re an organic grower as well.
  • If you have a vast backyard, you can plant fruit-bearing trees and a small nursery. This promotes a love for planting for you and your family as well as the community.
  • During winter don’t use logs or coals for your firewood, go instead with electric heating and natural insulation to keep you warm.
  • Learn food preservation instead of buying on your groceries. You’ll minimize your wastages and thrash.
  • When the weather permits it, enjoy the outdoors and have fun, you can save energy consumption compared to staying the whole day inside your home.
  • Going sustainable and green is more than your home it’s your imprint

It is not only at home that you can advocate for sustainability and going green. You can bring this to a higher level by participating in groups and government agencies that promote sustainability. Contribute and also join your community in clean-up drives and tree planting activities. If the activities are safe, you can bring and involve your kids into it. They are the future generation, and as early as now they should experience caring for the environment.

Making your home sustainable and eco-friendly is an excellent start of practicing consciousness and minimizing your carbon footprint to help our environment. Participating in other groups advocating sustainability is also an excellent way of connecting and engaging one another for Mother Earth. With all the beauty of our Earth that we enjoy and explore as well as use, it’s our responsibility to take care of it the best we can.

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