Making Your Own Barbecue Pit At Home

If a barbecue makes you excited and yes, salivate then this post is perfect for you. You will learn the steps in making your own barbecue pit at home. Your wife can now start to prepare the best barbecue to marinate and best choice meat cuts. And for you, you can start prepping for your coal and reliable griller. Your kids, well they will just prepare to enjoy eating your delicious barbecue.

Simple steps for your barbecue pit at home

Step 1 Finding the right location

In your backyard, identify a suitable place to set your barbecue pit. Consider the following in setting your barbecue pit:

  • Distance

It should be near your kitchen or from your house deck where you entertain your guests.

  • Trees, plants or other vegetation

Keep your barbecue pit far from trees, plants and other vegetation for safety purposes should it caught fire.

Step 2 Choose your quality grill rack

Check a grill that you think will perfectly fit on your barbecue requirements. Consider taking into account the following in deciding for your grill rack:

  • Β Barbecue consumption and frequency of grilling

How many kilos of barbecue does your family consume? Do you have a barbecue party on a weekly or monthly basis at your home? If you love partying with a barbecue choose a grill rack that is more durable and can last long.

  • Material

Do you want a grill rack that is slippery free or a full metal cast? Or perhaps you want a grill rack that is moveable and can be fit in any kind of space? Your grill rack material will affect the quality of your barbecue and its grilling time. Also, you need to decide if you’ll purchase a custom made griller or recycle your old refrigerators metal shelf.


Step 3 Digging your barbecue hole

Start digging your barbecue pit hole in your backyard based on the width of your grill rack. The ideal depth of your pit is one and a half feet up to three feet. This will give you the benefit of the heat from the fire without burning your barbecue you marinated with the finest herbs and best sauces in town. Your barbecue hole will set the size and the amount of food you can grill. If you want to grill pigs and chicken at the same time a bigger hole is all you need.

Step 4 Pit lining

For the pit line it with firebrick, large rocks or mud in order to keep the heat and distribute it accordingly to your barbecue pit.

Step 5 Setting up

For your initial fire get some of your old papers at home, dried leaves, twigs and small logs. Set them first before you start your fire and feed the fire when needed.

Step 6 Start your fire

Light your initial fire in your barbecue pit and then add some hardwood, feed it slowly to the fire. You will spend around 2 to 3 hours before your woods will become coal. Add some more hardwood at a level so that you can form a nice bed of coals for your barbecue.

For safety purposes, stock a pail or drum of water near your barbecue pit to manage your fire.

Step 7 Packing your barbecue

After seasoning with salt and spices your pig or chicken meat wrap it on a layer of aluminum foil then, fastened your meat with a wire to keep it intact when grilling.

Step 8 Grilling proper

Put your packed barbecue in your grill rack to ensure spacing so that the heat will be distributed and your barbecue will be cooked well.Β  Wait after 15 to 20 hours for your delicious barbecue.

Step 8 Serve well

You can now serve your delicious barbecue for the enjoyment of your family and guests. You can serve it well with your favorite beverages and salads.

Very easy steps for your delicious barbecue, right?

Last step for you

Enjoy your barbecue pit at your home and we surely know you will. We have given you the steps to follow. Continue to follow us for more information about enjoying your own picnic and party at your backyard.

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