Mindset of the Meat Hunter

The pursuit of meat is the real reason hunters hunt. It is the reason our forefathers hunted and it is the reason that cavemen emerged from their caves… to provide for their families. Sure, it is pretty great to shoot the biggest buck, bear or bird you’ve ever hunted and live to tell the story around a campfire. Yes, giant antler racks over the fireplace are pretty great. But meat hunting at its core is about filling the freezer with organic, free-range, healthy protein. Meat hunting is a mindset and a mentality, here’s how.

Waste Not Want Not

Serious meat hunters use all of the animal. The true meat hunter will go out of his/her way to harvest all usable parts. This reality is kept in the mind of the meat hunter when he/she selects a firearm to use for a hunt, and also in terms of shot placement. The legitimate meat hunter will also go above and beyond the call of duty in effort to find ways to use all of the animal. Organs such as the heart and liver are prized as much if not more than steak cuts. This mentality also extends to the non-edible portions of the animal, such as the pelt, fat or the bones. Some die-hard meat hunters even harvest sinew to use for cordage.

Any Legal Animal

Meat hunters don’t care about the size of an animal’s antlers or skull, they care about getting an animal from the field to their freezer. While that may be a commonsense sort of thing, what is not always common knowledge is how well this part of the meat hunting mentality corresponds with controlled-hunts or special hunts offered by state wildlife departments. For example, plenty of modern hunters will pass on does or cow elk in hopes of shooting a big buck or bull for the record books or wall. These folks buy a general tag and go for it. Good for them. But that leaves a whole lot of doe hunts, cow hunts, and other special draw tags available for the meat hunter to partake in. The best part about these hunts is that they are often offered in areas where game density is so great that it’s a problem, further ensuring success of the meat hunter.

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