Most Common Fishing Injuries You Should Know

Getting injured while fishing is inevitable for some. No matter how careful you have planned out the fishing trip and no matter how advanced your fishing skills are, these injuries are very unpredictable. It is important to know the right action when they come at you. Disclaimer: sensitive information that may trigger sensations ahead.

Hook-related wounds

You know how Peter Pan and his friends dodged Captain Hook’s hands that much. First on the list of the most common fishing injuries is hooking yourself. It may either be wounding your finger while looking through the tackle box to find a hook or impaling an area on your limbs when you commit a mistake on casting, it is bound to affect the entire experience.

How to avoid and treatment options:

Prevent this from happening by arranging your fishing gears in a very organized way, and having separate containers for these hooks. Using protective gear is also necessary. Once they happen, immediately stop the bleeding, and remove the fish hook by cutting the fishing line. Then, apply cold compress or ice pressure to numb the wounded area. See if there is a need for stitching (so it is also important to bring a first-aid kit), and bandage the wound.

Drowning and slipping off the dock

Figures show that there is an estimated number of 24,000 fatalities that happen worldwide in relation to fishing, whether this is about recreational fishing or commercial fishing. Part of the casualties has been due to drowning. It could happen either due to the capsizing of the boat, losing your balance and slipping off the dock, slipping midst rocks for rock fishers, or wrong practices that may further lose your stance.

How to avoid and preparation measures:

Especially if you are a beginner, it is important to wear safety gear and use safety equipment. These include wearing special socks and safety shoes. You can also go the extra mile by having a trained swimmer or lifeguard into your boat while fishing. Keep your first aid close by. Stay calm and if somebody else falls into the open water, be prepared to rescue these lives.

Before the fishing expedition, avoid sailing the moment that you feel not ready or weak. It is important to be physically and mentally prepared before sailing.

Fish Bites

The third most common injuries during the fishing activity come from the fish themselves. Depending on the species, some of them may fight for their lives and consider attacking the angler at some point. They may even impale you with their bites. Some of these may come serious injuries and infections.

How to prevent fish bites:

Studying the fish species will help a lot to determine their habits. While some of these types may be tame and simply surrender to the catch, many are still trying to survive as well once caught.

But once they happen, be ready to use tweezers to remove any fish parts that may swarm through the wound. Get back inland and have these treated by medical professionals. Relieve the pain by soaking the affected area in hot water.

Getting a good catch is one and staying safe in the open waters is another. Be in the know of these common fishing injuries and prevent them before they become worse. For more fishing tips, keep yourself updated by browsing through the Primitive Survivors website.

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