Most Stunning Fishing Villages In The World

Where are you taking your next fishing trip? Try visiting a fishing village or town. These places are defined as areas where the locals thrive in their daily living, their way of life, their occupation, and their food from fishing. Immerse yourself into becoming a local in some of these towns to try out their lifestyle, or witness how fishing has become their bread and butter.

Without further ado, here are the most breathtaking fishing villages that you must visit.

In The U.S.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

This place is home to a scenic landscape and waterscape that opens its area for many outdoor enthusiasts. Several websites list them as one of the best fishing towns in the continental United States. Regarded as β€œthe hub of Colorado fishing,” Glenwood Springs is located at the intersection between Roaring Fork and the Colorado River right midst the bustling city. It is also welcoming even during the winter, so you can enjoy the breathtaking sceneries and sparkling waters.

Bend, Oregon

Bend in Oregon is usually part of the must-visit places list of outdoor adventurers, as well as the fishing community, because of its picturesque landscape. Its residents, now with a population of almost a hundred thousand, take pleasure from the Deschutes River, the largest fishing destination in Bend. It is home to several magnificent species of fish that include rainbow trout, steelhead, and smallmouth bass. You can also visit the lakes around the area for trout fishing.

Talkeetna, Alaska

Touted as β€œThe Last Frontier,” Alaska also pays homage to fishing enthusiasts across the region. Many anglers define the state as a place that exudes peace and serenity. Talkeetna is a standing proof of these characteristics. It is a trip to somewhere distant from the congestion in the metro while taking pleasure from all the stunning views and getting ready for fishing. Furthermore, the population is not too crowded since there are only around 17 residents per square mile, according to statistics.

Around The World

From the United States, let’s take it further across the globe. From a fishing town that has shaped the history of an Asian country to a fishing village that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is time to pack your bags and book your flights.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The eastern coast of Nova Scotia is where Canada’s highly treasured fishing village is situated. Lunenburg still keeps the structure of the 18th century British Colonial style buildings intact, which is why the town has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. When it comes to fishing, it also offers a rich maritime space where you can also catch some lobsters and scallops. Plus, there are seafood restaurants that you can visit nearby.

Seletar Fishing Village, Singapore

This Asian country, according to its history, started as a fishing village before becoming what it is today. The Seletar Fishing Village is considered one of the remaining fishing frontiers in this area that is swiftly developing. It is located at the mangrove spaces between the Pulau Punggol Barat and Yishun Avenue in Singapore. Tourists and fishing enthusiasts alike may witness how its local fishermen make a living through fishing, and then stay the night to see how they take their well-deserved rest after a day of sailing inside small huts located around the village.

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