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Mother’s Day 2019 Gift Guide for the Adventurous Moms

She tucks you in bed when going overnight in a camp, prepares your belongings when you set for a field trip and makes sure to call you over the phone to ask how you’ve been. That’s the young you. But moms also play an important role in making sure that the entire outdoor activity will be perfectly planned out well, perhaps is the main force in the RV kitchen or in outdoor cooking, or simply your cheering squad during camp activities.


This weekend, the world is giving tribute to mothers whose sacrifices for us are never to be taken for granted. Have you chosen a perfect gift? Here’s a Mother’s Day 2019 Gift Guide by Primitive Survivors.

Outdoor Gift Items

We’ve divided the list into two sections, outdoor gift items and those in the general category. Let’s begin with some ideas on giving outdoor accessories as gifts.

Yoga Mat

Especially if you have a mom who loves doing yoga or pilates, buying a new yoga mat and giving this as a gift is one great way of showing your affection, targeting her overall well-being. Choose one that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The perfect mats are those made with strong foam that is non-toxic and has an ample amount of cushion to keep her comfortable without hindering making the positions while doing the sports.

Skin care kit

Meanwhile, some moms are conscious about their skin. If you are taking her outdoors, be sure that she is skin-ready. There are several shops that sell skin care products in a set, and already contains moisturizers, toners, creams, lotions, and sunscreens.

Travel bag

There are several travel bag selections today that are affordable. When looking for one, it is best to purchase a travel bag that can be used in various purposes, whether your mom is in the office, outdoors, or working out in the gym. Try a lightweight travel tote bag that has compartments that will carry her belongings well. Choose ones that are easy to maintain and are not prone to wear and tear.

Outdoor wine glasses

Some moms cry over gifts that are of the household type. And even if your target is giving items that are for the outdoors, you can still have these. Outdoor wine glasses are both unique and adorable when provided as a gift. These glasses can also be used by the entire family while at camp.


Perfect for mothers already in their senior years, the hammock is a great choice that they can bring when the entire family, the children, and the grandchildren are hitting the outdoors. You cannot expect them to stay as active as you are all the time, and therefore, the hammock will give them the space to rest and have a good moment while reading a book at camp.

Hiking boots

If you have more money to splurge, looking for hiking boots and wrapping these as a gift could also be sweet of you. Suitable for both young and older moms, these hiking boots are streamed in feminine colors to distinguish them from the rest of the footwear on your shoe rack. Select ones that can last a long time.

General Gift Items

Love is the most perfect gift that you can provide for your mom on this special occasion. Material things are just secondary. Here are more ideas for Mother’s Day.

Sheepskin slippers

Cute and never too expensive, sheepskin slippers will feel that they are very special. Not only they can be used at home but if you are staying at a lodging house or bringing your RV to the outdoor location, they can also wear this pair.

Cookware set

Let the fire aflame when she’s cooking. Moms are queens of the kitchen and buying her a cookware set will inspire her more to make your favorite dishes. Happy Mother’s Day!

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