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Mousetrap Tripwire Alarm System

Strange times call for improvisation on all fronts. Whether you’re β€œbugged-in” at your house, or β€œbugged out” at a secure location tucked away in the woods, it never hurts to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Here’s how you can rig a basic mousetrap into an early warning system that could protect you and your loved ones from an intruder trying to sneak up on you. Use this quick, easy and cost-effective method to help ensure the safety and survival of your team.


  • 1 mouse trap
  • Fishing line (preferably braided, 6-pound test, but any cordage will do)
  • 2 cap rings
  • 2 tent stakes
  • Gorilla Glue/superglue/hot glue gun (any of these works just fine)
  • Rubber band (thick)
  • Scissors or knife
  • 1 can of spray paint

1. Using your thick rubber band, hold the hammer of the mousetrap back and cinch it down. This is only temporary. You want the rubber band to depress the hammer long enough for you to install the caps, so that they don’t blow up while you’re gluing them in.

2. Using scissors or your knife, remove two individual caps from the cap ring. Now, glue them on to the mousetrap, red-side up, at precisely the spot where the hammer strikes the wood of the trap. Wait about five minutes to allow the glue to dry, then carefully remove the rubber band and ease the hammer back down. It should be resting on the tops of the two glued caps.

3. Glue your mousetrap onto the flat edge of the tent stake. Hold the trap in place and allow the glue to harden. Don’t be stingy with your use of glue. The power of the caps going off can be strong enough to blow the mousetrap off the tent stake if it is not strongly adhered.

4. Spray paint your assembled early warning system. Make sure to get the back and edges of the tent stake. Use a color that will blend into the environment you will be setting the device up in. This will help camouflage it.

5. Tie the fishing line through the β€œcatch” of the mousetrap. There should be a tiny hole there that will work perfectly. Make sure that the fishing line can physically lift the catch. Tie a firm knot.

Okay, so now you’ve got your sneaky early warning device built. To properly set it, push the tent stake into the ground and run your fishing line across the path you wish to monitor. Take care when setting the trap, particularly when arming the hammer. This device will not harm you if it goes off accidentally while you are setting it, but it will likely jump-start your heart. Use caution.

An intruder who sets off the trap should walk across your fishing-line, triggering the mousetrap’s catch, causing the hammer to strike the caps. The sound will be specific, and more than enough to alert you to the presence of that person (or animal) who just tried to get the drop on you.

Note: for a louder, more aggressive early warning system, try supplementing the caps with small rifle primers. Just be EXTRA vigilant when it comes to your safety precautions.

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