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Must-Have Clothing For The Outdoors (Hiking, Fishing, And More!)

Primitive Survivors has been sharing tips and guidelines about outdoors and everything on survival. Not too much yet on outdoor clothing though, so we’re delving in-depth on this important aspect of preparing for the trips.Β 

It is interesting to note that similar to outdoor gear, the clothing should not be put aside as a main point of concern before heading to the camp or whichever fishing spot you have in mind. Here are the must-haves.Β 

Hot weather essentials:

  • Base layers – quick-drying, moisture transporting synthetic fabrics, wool
  • Outdoor pants
  • Short-sleeve shirt
  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • Fleece pullover, jacket, or hoody as second layers
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket as an outer layer
  • Light synthetic or down jacket as an insulation layer
  • Rain pantsΒ 
  • Outdoor shoes and boots plus socks
  • Outdoor cap
  • Neck gaiter such as a scarf, headband
  • Base layer pants (optional)
  • Camp shoes (optional)

Cold weather essentials:

  • Basic winter clothing
  • Long undergarment as top and merino as base layers
  • Fleece or wool as the second layer
  • Synthetic jacket, light one as the third layer for insulation
  • Mid-layers
  • Outer shell to further protect you from winds, snow, and cold
  • Neck gaiter and ear muffs
  • Gloves
  • Vest (optional)
  • Clothing to wear over your pants (optional)
  • Knee and wrist gaiters for added warmth (optional)

Tips to remember

The climate in certain areas where you are headed for the outdoors may be grueling, not to mention fatal if you are not going to look for these essentials. There are outdoor survivalists who take the clothing aspect for granted because they believe they can wear anything.

Should you also wear the same attire you use in the gym? That’ll save you money. Yes, that is alright. However, consider strategizing these because cotton-made tights or leggings may not serve you well. Instead, pick ones that are in the style of jogger-style. They are still fitness clothes, but they are durable and more comfortable.Β 

For the top, thanks to the experts who we have referenced for this one, layering is important. Whichever season you are in, following the list of essentials presented above will not only keep you safe from weather conditions that might knock you off but will also allow you feel free of moving around without the hindrances.Β 

Accessories and footwear? The secret is a functional accessory set and footwear that will bring you the advantage. Outdoor-specific clothing tends to be expensive, and maximizing what you have is one practical tip that expert outdoor survivalists can give you. Running shoes have been used while waiting for the budget to have outdoor footwear. Finally, always bring packs of insect repellant and sunscreen with you.Β 

We hope this helped you get started on preparing the clothing essentials right for your trips. If you have insights that the community should know, don’t hesitate to comment down below.

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