Must-Try Family Camping Games

Going on an outdoor adventure like camping shouldn’t always feel like a serious workshop for survival and bushcrafting. You and your fellows also deserve a fun, memory-worthy experience, whether it’s with your friends, kids, or the whole family, these camping games that we’ve put together will make the outing more enjoyable!


We wanted to make sure that these fun camping games aren’t just for athletic or nature-loving kids. So we pulled together ideas that will appeal to many kids, teenagers or adults. Read on to know more.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of objects to find in nature (e.g. something patterned, something bumpy, an animal sound, etc.). If you’re with plant experts, list down scientific names! Choose 10-15 items to look for and pair into teams before heading off to hunt. The person who can find the entire list of objects first is the winner.Β 

Glow Stick Ring Toss

Give each player 3-5 glow stick ring then dig a stick into the dirt so that it is poking out of the ground. Take turns trying to throw your glow stick rings over the stick.

Hiking Stick Limbo

This game is like a version of the limbo dance, except you use a hiking stick as your limbo bar. Head to the woods to find the best hiking stick, or use what you already have with you, and get your limbo on.Β 

Catch or Don’t Catch

All you need to do here is have a ball. Everyone stands in a circle except for one player who is in the middle with the ball. The player in the middle goes around the circle saying β€œcatch” or β€œdon’t catch” and throwing the ball. Like the children’s game, Simon Says, if a player catches the ball when told not to or the other way around, that player is out.


Wink Murder

This is a great campfire game with friends and family. One person is the It and moves away from the circle while everyone else decides who the β€˜murderer’ will be. It is called back to stand in the circle. The β€˜murderer’ winks at one person in the circle at a time, trying to do it without It seeing. When someone has been winked at, they pretend to die dramatically. Once they guess, the murderer becomes the next It and the game starts over.

Flashlight Tag

This is a fun game to play at the campsite once it’s dark. Give the tagger a flashlight and play tag as you normally would, except the tagger uses the light of the flashlight to β€œtag” people. A player is out once he is hit with the light. The game continues until everyone is caught, or the player becomes the tagger.


Se a stick to scratch a hopscotch grid on the floor. The first player tosses a pebble in the first square then hops through the course, skipping the square with the pebble. The general rule is to hop with one foot in single squares and with two feet for the double squares. The player loses a turn if they hop on the line, lose balance, and put both feet or hands down. They also lose a turn when they miss the square with their pebble toss. Once they reach home, the next player takes their turn.

Telling Stories

Family camping games that work for any age don’t always have to be carefully planned out/. Anyone from kids to adults can have fun with just storytelling. The story is more enjoyable when done at night. It can be scary, funny, true, made up, whatever works.


It’ll be a blast to hear what your littles come up with, and the kids will love listening to their parents tell a tale. If you happen to be a competitive family, then you can always add in voting for a favorite and even keep it going during the whole stay to see who has the most wins!

Final Thoughts

Camping is an excellent way to bond and connect with your friends and family. Come prepared with these simple games and activities to help keep everyone happy, engaged, active, and stimulated!Β 

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