Natural Disasters to Prepare for

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Most of us are privileged enough to live in the confines of civilization, not thinking the world could change in any second and you may suddenly suffer from hypothermia, earthquake, or even a zombie apocalypse! These aren’t the only disasters you need to prepare for. It could be worse if you’re out in the wilderness since there’s a higher chance that catastrophes may occur and survival probability is low.Β 

In our previous article, we covered SHTF threats you should prepare for which are mostly in the urban context, such as loss of income, riots, no law enforcement, etc. This, on the other hand, will cover mostly natural disasters! Read on to know more.


If you live on the west coast of the USA or within the ring of fire, then you should be acquainted with earthquake survival strategies. An earthquake can knock out power at the very best, but it can wipe out your whole town, along with its infrastructures and your homes, causing widespread fires and explosions. Lack of food and supplies, and a devastated infrastructure, of course, can cause massive riots, starvation, disease, and crime.

Severe ClimateΒ 

This is one of the most realistic survival scenarios you might be facing. With everything that’s happening to the Earth right now, it’s high time we acknowledge that climate change is real! You may wake up one day and realize that the cool state you live in suddenly feels like it’s 10 meters away from the sun. When traveling or living in extreme climate zomes like deserts, always have a proper survival kit with you.Β 


The force of tidal waves can be utterly devastating. These scary tsunamis can be caused by giant under-ocean earthquakes, usually arriving without warning. The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami was the deadliest tidal wave in recorded human history which murdered more than 280 thousand people. In Japan, the 2011 Tohuku earthquake and tsunami had 20 thousand people dead and missing. It also caused a nuclear meltdown. due to damage caused to a nuclear facility in Fukushima which released massive amounts of radiation into the ocean and inland. This disaster is unprecedented and caused chaos for months afterward. This is an extreme circumstance, and shows that if you live in an area prone to earthquakes, especially if you’re in a coastal region, you should be prepared for all scenarios.Β Β 


If you’re in a snowy mountain, a tsunami of snow can rob you of your senses. If this ever happens, try to stay near the surface by attempting to swim. You can do this by thrashing. Create an air pocket by holding a hand up to your mouth. If you find yourself disoriented, look at your spit and follow gravity’s lead.Β 

Nuclear Meltdown

This can be caused by storms, earthquakes, shortage, human error, or equipment malfunction.Β  Fallout and radiation poisoning from this will affect widespread areas and will contaminate food and water supplies. It’s best to get as far away as possible from the location of the meltdown. If you’ve got the equipment and survival gear already then it will be much easier.


Just recently, Australia has experienced a tragic wildfire which left many people and animals destroyed. This natural disaster can be caused by severe climate, earthquakes, and other occurrences. Severe weather storms bring with it lightening and lightening causes wildfires.

Sometimes, wildfires aren’t natural at all. They can be caused by arson, whether accidental or intentional. For instance, some teenagers started a fire that literally burned down most of the historic town of Gatlinburg Tennessee and wiped out over 2500 buildings and structures.

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