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Necessities You Need to Live in the Woods

Are you intrigued about what living in the woods would look like? Do you imagine yourself spending months in the woods? Do you love challenges and adventures?

If all your answers to this question is a resounding, YES then welcome to our site!

In this post, we will explore the necessities you need to live in the woods. It’s not like diving in a pool of water without anything on your hands to start with. This preparation that you’ll take will determine your success or failure in living out there in the woods. We are here to be of help for your exciting journey ahead.

Items You Should Have in the Woods with You

Cooking Pot and Wares

You need to eat your food, be it from the pack meals you brought with you from home or fresh from the wilderness. But before consuming it, you’ll need it cooked first, so you need a cooking pot and wares. Choose a cooking pot and wares that are durable and easy to carry.

Jungle Survival Knife

You need a knife to prepare your meals, hunt, and defend yourself in case of wild animals that will attack you. It’s nice to choose a jungle knife that is made of quality material so that it will last in the woods with you. You can also use it when getting your firewood.

Sleeping Bag

To keep you warm during night time in the wood which is naturally cold, you need a sleeping bag. It will keep your body temperature warm and comfortable for a good sleep.


While the idea of staying in a cave or make your own tree house captures the imagination if you want to save your time for other important adventures in the wood, you can bring your tent. Living in a cave in the woods is risky because you do not know if you have other companions in there like snakes and other wild animals. If you’re an intruder, naturally they will drive you out if you’re lucky enough or you can be a meal to them. You do not want to be a meal. So, bring your tent.

Filtration Straw

You’ll find water sources in the woods, but you need to have a way for you to turn it into drinking water. You need a filtration straw to do it. Clean water is a necessity in your wilderness lifestyle; do not compromise on this one.

Fishing Gadgets

One of your sources of food would be a lake or river in the woods so bring your fishing gadgets. You don’t want to fish using your hands, or a sharpened wood do you? While it’s a beautiful and excellent primitive experience, it will sap your energy and spend your time. You can also bring an extra fishing net if you want to, for your catch.

Tactical LED Flashlight Bundle

You need lighting in the woods during night time and minimal or zero visibility. You need to bring a tactical flashlight bundle for this need because the ordinary flashlight cannot penetrate the fog and reach 500 meters distance. This is helpful in your navigation in the wilderness. It will caution you of potential dangers due to topography or wildlife as well as let you pass safely when hiking in the woods.

Tactical Backpack

Staying in the woods for a long time means that you must bring a tactical backpack and not just your ordinary backpack. This is to ensure your things are in place and intact as well as safe. A tactical backpack is a custom made to last in your stay in the woods, so bring one.

Survival Training

The necessities of bringing the things we mentioned are essential but surviving in the woods you also need to be equipped with the necessary survival training. It’s not a walk in the park when you spend your time in the woods. You can take your survival training by joining the reserve force of the country. You can take advantage of free practice at the same time actual survival in the woods because of your tour of duty. This is not only your show of patriotism but for your adventure in the woods as well.

Hitting two birds in one bullet, right?

Our Giveaway to You

We have given you already some of the necessities you need to live in the woods. You can add some more to the items based on your preference. Just don’t overload your backpack so that you will not break your spine while hiking.
Check us out for more tips on living in the woods.

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