Older Gentleman’s Hunting Gear Tips

Getting older definitely has its benefits, but it also comes with some aches and pains, literally. This is especially the case when it comes to being an older guy who likes to get out into nature and hunt. But one of those aforementioned benefits that comes with age is wisdom. Learning how to do the little things that make doing big things less hindersome, is the key to staying in the woods longer. This means more good times, and a higher chance of success. Here are a few of our tips for the distinguished gentlemen out there who still want to get after it.

Hard-Shelled Knee Pads

If you’re a seasoned veteran of many hunts or adventures out into the bush, your knees are also. This probably means that putting miles on the boots, kneeling to scout or shoot have combined to make for an aching good time. Take the ache out of it. Invest in a pair of hard-shelled kneepads. It makes crawling around the woods far more manageable.

Turkey Vest with Attached Foam Seat

After all those years of fumbling around in the blind, juggling the box call and binos, it’s time to get organized. Investing in a solid turkey vest keeps things simple and organized in a way that some of the younger folks out there don’t think about. Perhaps more important to mention is that the vest should include an attached foam seat. Because while sitting patiently in the turkey woods can be relaxing, it doesn’t feel that way when your backside is sore.

Folding Game Cart

For the older guys used to hunting and fishing on their own land, quartering and dragging deer out of your favorite hollow sure isn’t getting any less strenuous. Why keep pushing it. Invest in a folding game cart. Not only does it pack up nice, so as not to add to the mess in your garage, it lets you get your whole deer out and back to the shed. Which allows you to maximize the amount of meat you can take, ensuring that you put as much of the animal to use as possible.

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  • Please keep in mind, that heart attack is the #1 killer of hunters. Anything you can do to make it less strenuous can’t hurt. Also, carry chewable baby aspirin in your survival/1st aid kit. If you have chest pain, chew up 4 of them, even if you have an ulcer, then seek medical help. Plus you can use them for aches & pains, so long as your stomach can tolerate aspirin.

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