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Outdoor Plants That Can Purify Water?

When headed for the outdoors, there are a lot of challenges. Balancing survival skills and health safety are some. While taking fun during adventures in the wild, the safety of your well-being still remains a priority. For instance, the aspect of bringing water supplies. Some survivalist and campers are not into bringing heavy-duty water purification systems since the idea is always to practice primitive survival. Some of you might take advantage of water coming from nature like springs and rivers. Are you certain that these are safe?

Did you know that there are outdoor plants that can help in ensuring the safety of the water used for drinking, cooking, or washing your outdoor tools? Here are some of them.

Fruit peelings

The next time you go outdoors, bring with you some fruit peelings in a small container. Researchers from a university in Singapore realized that fruit peelings from tomatoes and apples have the capacity to actually act as water purifiers. These peelings have been regarded for their toxic-absorbing properties that remove substances like pesticides, heavy metals, or commercial dyes. After the purification, the water is considered safe for drinking.

Rice and coconuts

Another option for cleaning your water supplies would be through rice and coconuts. Fibers from shredded husks of coconuts can filter out solids like dirt and metal that have been suspended from the water. The burnt rice husks then function to take away all remaining toxins. The water you’ll have is one that is free of these contaminants.

Lemons — and the sun

You are familiar with lemon-infused water. This time, during your outdoor activities, this water infused with lemons or any citrus fruits will have to be left under the sun. Wait for a couple of minutes and the water can now be used cleanly for washing dishes, clothes or maybe even for cooking. The combined properties from sunlight and from the citrus elements have been proven effective against E. coli and other similar organisms.

Cilantro tea

In here, we’re going to use crushed cilantro. This particular ingredient has water purification abilities that are deemed effective when absorbing heavy metals, as much as a charcoal filter would function. To use this for your water supplies, grind the cilantro and pass water through it. A good way is to make some tea bags with these herbs and sling them right into the water supply for absorption.

Moringa seeds

Otherwise, you can also bring some moringa plant seeds with you during your camp. These seeds, when ground or crushed, will also function like activated charcoal and have seed particles clump with any foreign materials in the water, enabling them to sink into the bottom. Science has revealed that moringa also has the power to decrease bacterial levels in the water supply.

These are just some of the most natural ways to improvise a water filter using plants that you can find around outdoors. Your RVs, cars or your backpacks need not to be heavier for water purifying machines. Sometimes, you only have to look for resources coming from Mother Nature.

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